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In Russia, Western planes are falling apart

An Airbus A320-232 with the tail number YU-APH made its first flight on December 13, 2005. Since then, the aircraft has clocked millions of miles, flying routes for Air Deccan, Kingfisher Airlines, Bingo Airways, and Syphax Airlines before being taken over by Air Serbia, the Eastern European country’s national flag carrier, in 2014. For eight years, YU-APH flew without any issues—until it landed at 10:37 pm on May 25, 2022, at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport. It had flown in from… ( More...

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Bror Monberg 15
What is Russia thinking? Consequences of the harebrained Ukraine 'adventure' are immediate...and denial won't help. Any A/C loss will be placed at the feet of the 'West' and/or sanctions. Time for a change in the cockpit at the Kremlin...while a soft landing is still possible.
James Simms 3
Denial is not a River in Egypt
patrick baker 17
the purloined western airliners leased by russian airlines are worthless and unsafe to return to the skies as parts replacement and normal maintenance cannot be performed. The tactic to deny parts makes the airliners unairworthy. Russian airlines are prevented from long haul operations, and the leasing companies have had their pockets picked for billions of dollars of lease revenues as well as the complete loss of assets those planes represent. Boeing and AIrbus will sell replacement aircraft to the leasing companies with not much visible difficulty. Even if Putin allowed the leased aircraft to leave Russia the flights would not be legal or safe. What a mess.
Ben Bosley 11
With Russia seizing and re-registering leased aircraft (stealing them), no leasing company will ever do business with them again. Russian airlines would have to buy them with straight cash.
sparkie624 0
Hope they don't
ko25701 19
Russia doesn't deserve aircraft support from the west. Let Putin get ousted by his own people and pelted with stones.
ko25701 21
Putin should be stoned by the Russian citizens.
D Chambers 6
And quickly.
jmilleratp 6
Give him the treatment given to Mussolini in Italy. Worked out well there.
George Wilhelmsen 16
I love the bias in the article.
Planes will be unsafe if sanctions are maintained.

Really? Putin - Withdraw from Ukraine, and the sanctions will be lifted! Problem Solved!
Alexander Kocksch 16
The planes are worthless already if not maintained to the timeline required by an approved maintenance manual from the manufacturer and only with approved parts. Quality control is important for the safety of passengers, crew and anyone on the ground. You can't just fix a fanbelt on a car with a pantyhose in the long run either ...
Michael Foster 5
Through it all, I find it hard to believe that Russia has an economy smaller than Italy.
Julius Thompson 4
According to FlightAware's log for YU-APH, on 25 Mayy 22 ,it landed SVO at 07:17 (local) as JU650 and departed for BEG at 08:30 (local) as JU651. Either they have got the wrong Tail Number or someone hasn't done their research adequately!
jmilleratp 3
Hopefully, no western company will ever lease or sell an aircraft, parts or service to Russia ever again, regardless of whether the war ends or sanctions are lifted. After what happened this time, why would they?
Torsten Hoff 4
At some point, one of the leasing companies will blink and try to cash in on the Russian market. They'll charge a premium (they'll have to, given the risk demonstrated by Russia's recent actions), but if there are BILLIONS up for grabs, someone will get greedy.
Bill Overdue -1
Cash, lots of rubles converted into cash. Thanks to US policy the ruble is stronger than ever before!
Alan Dahl 6
This isn't true, by restricting who can buy or sell Rubles and how much they have effectively recreated the artificial dollar-ruble exchange rate of the Soviet Union. If the ruble was still freely convertible and allowed to float freely it would be at 200 to the dollar. But with companies forced to pay for oil in Rubles and Russian citizens restricted to only taking tiny amounts out of their dollar savings accounts (the rest is locked away and inaccessible) the few rubles left are only exchanged at rates very favorable to the government.
Patrick Wahle 2
Don’t forget Russia has the only rocket capable to shuttle back and forth between the IS and the earth. If Russia decides to stop launching Soyouz then we may lose the IS. Also the rocket used to move back the IS onto its orbit is a Russian rocket specifically built for that purpose.
Putin has already brought back to Russia all the staff and the rockets used by the European Space Agency in Kourou in French Guyana.
Six launches had to be cancelled for 2022. Billion of dollars of contracts in jeopardy.
Don’t forget all the airline traffic from Europe to the Far East and S.E. Asia because flying over Russia is prohibited.
All this traffic has been captured by the countries of the BRICS.
Sixty airbuses for Russian airlines are sitting in Toulouse finished and unpaid. The European taxpayers have to pay Airbus to keep it from drowning into debt.
On the other side Chinese have enough spare parts to keep those planes flying. There is no sanction against Xi-Jiping.
Alan Dahl 2
Crew and cargo Dragon ships are capable of supplying the ISS and indeed a Russian cosmonaut will fly on their Crew-5 mission in September. Also NASA is evaluating Cygnus boosting the ISS though they are still working the bugs out, SpaceX could boost the ISS as well immediately with Dragon (perhaps with some mission modifications to reduce fuel use) and eventually with Starship as well.
sparkie624 3
LOL.. Took a log enough for this news to get out... Figured that would have happened sometime ago. Going to be a big parking lot soon in Russia!
joepre 3
Don't doubt the capability of the Russians for copying and manufacturing their own parts. Look at their history. They copied the English jet engine to power theirs in Korea. They copied aircraft that landed in their country during WW2. They are very adept at figuring out how to keep these aircraft in the air, regardless of how illegal or immoral it is.
sparkie624 4
It will end up hurting them in the end... Once those parts are installed, per the manufacture they are not approved parts and cannot be used to fly into the free world. In a long run, they will be shooting themselves in the foot.
Alan Dahl 2
The problem is they can't manufacture computer chips or as noted replace the software so while they can probably eventually replace hard parts fine the computers and software are eventually going to fail or time out and then they will be hosed just like the tractors that John Deere remotely bricked...
lynx318 -1
I'm confused , plane is owned by Air Serbia, not Russia, OK it's stuck in Russia but if Serbia is requiring the part, how do Russian sanctions affect this?
sparkie624 1
Obviously they were helping Russia, so now one of their planes is stuck there!
Joe Birts 1
It's sitting in Russa, Needs parts. Shipment of parts to Russia are not allowed. Simple!


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