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VIDEO: Passenger Assaults American Airlines Flight Attendant

A Friday afternoon flight turned violent after a passenger assaulted an American Airlines flight attendant shortly after takeoff. The passenger was restrained and arrested upon the aircraft's arrival in Los Angeles. ( More...

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patrick baker 37
conclusive evidence of assault, which should put the passenger in jail for months,assess him a substantial fine, and then bar him from air travel With the clarity of these images what more is needed to make the ironclad case here?
Alan Macdonald 27
Almost agree with you Patrick except with the length of jail time. This was a mighty King Hit landed by the perpetrator, with many such punches resulting in brain damage or even death. With this in mind and the evidence is conclusive, he should be charged with aggravated assault endangering human life perhaps even attempted murder and face the full consequences.
Hope he gets a judge who's daughter is a flight attendant.
Justin Humberger 4
Guys...he's facing TWENTY years in prison. This is a huge deal, you can't just assault someone in a flight crew. Interfering with their duties and assaulting like that is federal prison time. This guy is going away for quite a while. He will probably do at least five, he'll be forced to join the "white gang" as soon as he gets into the feds (especially if it's a west coast institution), he's going to be forced to "put in work" and will probably get another five years on top of it for said "work", and end up doing 10-15. This is what happens to people that do stupid stuff like him when they go to federal prison. It's no joke, he's in for a world of pain he never knew could happen to him.
Dale Ballok 0
Who said it’s not?
EMK69 40
ALL the Airlines should prohibit this individual from ever flying again.

>>>>>"The individual will never be allowed to travel with us in the future... we will work closely with law enforcement in their investigation... We thank the crew for their quick action and professionalism to ensure the safety of their fellow team members and customers onboard... Our thoughts are with the injured flight attendant." <<<<<
Dale Ballok 9
Exactly! If you’re arrested for DUI, your driving privilege restriction isn’t confined to the city of occurrence.
Nultech 7
Time to welcome him as a permanent entry on the federal No-fly list. And arrest him if he goes within 1 mile of an airport. *After* he gets out from his initial "time in the shade"
C172Rpilot 13
Two or three guys should have gone back there, pulled that asshole from his seat and hog tied him, and thrown him into the aisle. The poor flight attendant wasn't attacked he/she was sucker punched from a coward. That is never fly again to me.
Guy Rovella 4
"passengers are seen getting up, presumably to restrain the now-hostile passenger."
Shenghao Han 9
Flying really is not the same after 2020 Pandemic...
Thinks like this use to be rare...
Dale Ballok 7
Agreed, but it doesn’t matter. It’s 2022, and we’ve returned to near normalcy. The Pandimic is no excuse.
Justin Humberger 0
The laws for assaulting a flight crew have not changed. He's face 20 years in prison and that would be true after or before the pandemic, and even before 9/11.
Geoff Arkley 12
I would like to see considerably more news coverage of the actual sentence received for such crimes.
Jan Peterman 9
That person should never be allowed to fly again with any airlines!
J Baca 8
American Airlines ignored our pleas a few years ago to not board an obviously mentally ill passenger. Even the police came to the gate to dissuade the agents from boarding him. They let him on and the rest of the passengers missed their connecting flights because the guy went crazy before arriving at Ohare and we all had to sit on the aircraft while they put him in a straight jacket and hauled him off. We haven't flown AA since.
Dale Ballok 3
Sad! No excuse for that. Very poor judgement, that could have possibly gotten someone injured.
Larry Kreuger 6
More sad news about the state of our violent society. It’s like we’re living in a huge version of an ‘Escape from New York’ movie… whacko nuts running wild, teens armed with assault weapons, pistols stuffed down peoples pants, ear lobes all stretched out, beads punctured through tongues…I feel sorry for anyone stuck in a position of responsibility having to put up with these fruit loops. Airline employees, law enforcement, teachers, crossing guards, you name it…it’s Halloween 365 24/7. It used to be we put federal agent on planes to protect us from foreign terrorists…maybe we need them again to protect us from the domestic nut factor.
David Schneider 8
This follows a four year administration during which we were taught to hate people we don’t like and that we can react violently if we don’t get what we want.
Ken Riehl 3
What a load of bovine excrement
warmwynds 2
Try watching something other than mainstream media every night and those pharma-fed game shows. Oh, I see you like what is happening to the USA and the world?????
Dray Hines -1
100% correct !
warmwynds -2
This is all on Brandon fool!
AWAAlum 0
You really need a new writer.
Dan Drimmie 3
A more detailed report including the results of the Thursday court appearance is available here...
Anne Bracken 5
I would hope that this nut would not be allowed to fly on any US airline. I also hope that he was charged with making a terroristic threat. What has happened to people???
kherzer 2
Decades of propaganda from increasingly unhinged media outlets and politicians telling Americans that other Americans are their enemy.
Tim Dyck 1
Sanity has to return to society. Start with arresting any politician that incites hate or violence. And that applies to both left and right.
djames225 6
And people just sit there like a deer in the headlights? That idiot should have had his bell rung then hog tied to a seat.
Linda Cullender 1
He was hogtied with the help of two passengers who AA has never contacted since their assist in the restraint.
djames225 1
Good..too bad they didn't ring his bell first.
djames225 1
I dont really understand this site any longer..get downvoted for basically saying the same thing as C172Rpilot before he did.SMH
AWAAlum 1
The tenor of contributions here have been degenerating consistently over the past several years. It used to be filled with professional, well thought out comments. Not so much now. It's a shame, really. There was a chap, no longer with us, went by the name of "Preacher" ... could always count on him as a voice of reason. The entire world is not what it once was.
djames225 1
Yes Wayne/Preacher did know how to put things right, even when it was all wrong.
AWAAlum 0
Just my personal curiosity, Linda, I'm wondering how you're aware they were not contacted.
George Jardim 2
Let’s hold the politics folks, this is about aviation safety.
AAaviator 3
He should be imprisoned, fined, and banned from all future air travel. And yet the strange irony is that if you brutally assault someone on the street or subway as we've seen in recent times, you either won't get arrested, or if you do, you're back out on the street the same day. The audacity of committing violence upon upon a flight attendant, or a random person on the street is the consequence of accepting no consequences for criminal acts committed in our society.
Joe Jones 4
Article is technically paywalled.
Michael Blackstock 3
Ephraim Fields 2
How so? I clicked the link, read the full article and watched the video.
Brian Freeman 4
This is just further evidence of the overall decline in the behavior of our culture. Assaults, and all crime actually, is occurring with alarming frequency these days. It would be naive' to think that airplanes would somehow be magically immune from this epidemic. Keep this in mind when you go to vote next month - the approach we're taking now is clearly not working.
Thomas Francl 3
Isn't this a federal crime.

Jail time plus compensation to the flight attendant, AA, and local airport police.
AWAAlum 2
What in the hell is wrong with these people? What has happened to them, I wonder, that makes them think it's perfectly all right to behave this way.
Kilocharlie -2
Two words. Two syllables. Tolerance of incivility has become the norm for half of the US.
TWA55 1
Twenty years should send a strong message.
warmwynds 1
The aircraft should have descended to 10,000 feet and that scum bag should have been thrown out of the plane and let him be the first to land from that flight. He's of no use to anyone other than compost.
John Majane 1
I hope he has a long time in prison to think about this and is permanently banned from flying on any airline.
Linda Allman 1
Too bad they can't be strapped to the top of the plane like a tent on an RV.
Guy Rovella 1
I hope "passengers are seen getting up, presumably to restrain the now-hostile passenger."
included a few knuckles to his head.
John Gallen 1
No one should be subjected to uncivilized behavior in an aircraft. Behavior on aircraft and around airports has seriously degenerated over the past few years. There should be serious mandatory jail time and a lifetime air travel ban for those that disrupt airline operations.
jhakunti 0
The airlines need to seriously start raising fares. ALL the indicators are there to support this.
Tom Bilger -2
Should've been met by an ambulance... that low life should've been pummeled to the ground...and THEN ziptied, gagged, etc.
Tony Silverstrå 0
Start old sparky
Pat Calabrese -4
Somebody needs to jack that a**hole up!!
What the hell is wrong with people these days?
Maybe we should find out where he works and go to his job and punch him in the head!!!
Haven Rich -2
Terroristic threat together with a physical assault and battery are felony charges! Glad to see those men 'rise' to handle that criminal passenger, "Let's Roll"! I'm 76 and wouldn't have hesitated to help.

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Mark Harris 23
Unless you really want to emphasise your point I would suggest you turn your caps lock off.

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ToddBaldwin3 11
It's kind of a frequent error on your part. All Caps is considered rude.
Mark Harris 8
It also makes it very difficult to read.
Guy Rovella 5
Mostly it makes me ignore it.
Dale Ballok 3
paul trubits 2
Not your first time
Mark Kortum 1
Major error. Not a minor one.
Dale Ballok 0
AWAAlum 1
Capital crime, Mary lol
Dale Ballok 0
What was the point? Forgot, or really trying to emphasize your point?
J Baca -2
this is called misdirection and gaslighting. these are trolls.
Brian Freeman -5
Isn't it weird to anyone that we adopted this arbitrary rule that using all caps is considered rude?? It such a stupid, capricious concept that people seem to really get their panties all bunched over. Quite funny when you think about it (and probably a commentary on our society today more than anything else...)
AWAAlum 2
With the advent of the internet, and so many people communicating on it, using caps was seen as shouting. It makes perfect sense. These days, other than shouting, it's also seen as a way of stressing a point. Absolutely logical.
Larry Toler 5
My last recurrent training as a FA we were showed some pretty lame self defense over but in no way were we to put our hands on a passenger. And this was even a couple years after 9/11. Of course this instructor did not work for my airline. Worse case scenario and I'm nearby, I know where my O2 bottles and fire extinguishers are. Although there isn't much room to brawl on an EMB145.
Mark Henley 4
Doesn't take very much room - even on an EMB145 - to lob a straight forward shot to the face with a fire extinguisher...
AWAAlum 2
I understand a company's concern of a resulting lawsuit, however, it would be self defense. You'd be in the right.
Dale Ballok 1
Can’t put you hands on a passenger? I wouldn’t hesitate if passenget initiated it! If my airline objected, I’d let the judge decide who’s right!
VKSheridan 2
Not sure that’s a good idea mate. Your job is to attend to ALL the passengers, not just the one. I hear what you’re saying and lean the same way but who takes care of the passengers if the dude kicks your ass and you’re incapacitated. You never know if that lil’ guy you’re certain you can take is an MMA fighter…..
Billy Croan -1
Sounds like a good reason FAs should have concealed firearms, get similar training to flight Marshalls
djames225 1
No FA's should not carry concealed firearms. There is no chance they can get similar training to actual flight marshals, and if a lunatic scraps with any FA and gets concealed gun, its not going to be good.
Tasers yes, bear/pepper spray perhaps, duct tape and actual enforcement zipties a given....but not concealed firearms.
Tim Dyck 1
A firearm in a crowded aircraft with a pressurized cabin could have some very nast consequences.
AWAAlum 1
Perhaps rubber bullets, tasers? But frankly, even a conversation talking about the possibility of arming flight attendants is mind blowing. What has happened to us?
Larry Toler 2
That's what I was saying in class. But this instructor was putting more emphasis on liability of the airline.
Haven Rich 1
Should have asked the 'instructor' if he remembered what "Let's Roll" means! It's one's duty to protect fellow citizens.
VKSheridan 2
There’s a huge difference between a coordinated hijacking and some dude sissy slapping the back of a Flight Attendant’s head and turning heel.

Contrary to Hollywood, FA’s are not there to act as cops, surgeons, bartenders, babysitters, WiFi consultants, chefs, lap dances or baggage service. They’re there to provide assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation.

I agree with the instructor with the exception of “no circumstances”. There might be a time and place where everything is at risk so you risk everything. This wasn’t it.


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