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Police Run After Hundreds of Climate Activists on Bikes at Schiphol Airport

Footage has emerged of police running after hundreds of climate activists on bikes who stormed the private jet section of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. ( More...

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In Australia they would each be liable for a $5,000 fine and potentially jail for accessing an airside area without an ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card).
linbb 0
If they caught any of them.
Ralph Torres 4
The short vIdeo shows that the police did knocked over may of the cyclists and were being detained by them. I'd guess they were probably arrested.
Mike Mohle 3
Keystone Kops? LOL. Safety first! Good thing the "protestors" had their yellow vests, but where were their bicycle helmets? If the cops there were allowed to have guns or tasers, maybe they can shoot first next time. In the US this stunt would be federal crime (except probably not prosecuted by DOJ since the "intent" of the protestors was to "raise awareness"", about Man/Fossil Fuel caused "Climate Change").
btweston 2
Calm down. You might break your rocking chair.


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