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FAA’s Acting Chief to Step Down in Blow to Aviation Agency

The head of the US Federal Aviation Administration is stepping down after just over a year on the job, raising questions about the direction of the agency as it grapples with challenges from flight safety and aging technology to congestion in the skies. Acting Administrator Billy Nolen said he notified the White House and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg that he would depart this summer when a new nominee to lead the agency is named. Nolen revealed his plans Friday in a letter to FAA… ( More...

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Tflys1 74
Oh yeah Bill was quite the acting chief of the FAA. He tackled such hard subjects as banning terms like “Airmen,” and “Unmanned Aircraft”. How about the next person to be put in this position be put there because of their qualifications and not because of their political affiliation. Safety use to be paramount for important positions like this...
Frank DeLeon 22
Unfortunately, as long as sleepy Joe is in charge, expect another nominee with strong credentials in everything except aviation.
Nooge -1
So ...How did Sleepy Joe ByeDon beat your Commander in Cheat by a landslide Frankie?
Buell Hollister 6
Afraid you've got your cheater wrong, Johnny
Nooge 0
I hope a person with your IQ and lack of judgement never gets behind the controls of a plane Ferris Bueller
Harry Schluderberg 3
That nonsense came from his boss. The big concern of Biden’s transportation secretary now is insuring there’s gender equality among crash test dummies. This is no joke,
Nooge 0
Right is no joke you are

“I just saw Fox News making fun of me for the work that we’re doing on safety, including the use of crash test dummies that simulate men, women, and children,” he said Tuesday evening in an interview with Comedy Central. “And somehow this is considered a woke priority to have female crash test dummies, even though that’s something that’s been around for a very long time.”

Buttigieg, believe it or not, is correct here.

But making sure that we’re using models which reflect the contrasts in height, size, and bone density between men and women is not woke.
Philip Lanum 2
You watch Faux Lying Noise.

No wonder you do not think clearly. /s
Rob Jessup 2
Give it up...
mimana 5
In general, the staff assigned by the current government has disappointed the public and the country. I understand there is a "good intention" in bringing up "Equality" but this effort requires the search of the best candidates.
Gloria Johns 1
What does "equality" have to do with this? Do you have names of people and their positions who were hired to satisfy "equality"
Brian Vineys 10
This is a huge loss to the FAA, they should have nominated him. He is more than qualified. The only reason they didnt is because Ted Cruz suggested that they do. Maybe they can nominate Dylan Mulvaney, he has as much experience as the last guy they tried to put in the role.

When planes start falling out of the sky, look for this Administration to do nothing more than blame Trump.
John Taylor 10
I'll bet the guy leaving at least knows what causes a plane to stall, unlike the affirmative action hire Biden tried to install. Maybe get rid of all the bureaucrats in the FAA and keep it limited to the people who actually provide value to the agency.
Gloria Johns 1
Can't we just say the guy was grossly unqualified and not take the race route? I mean you don't say that Trump was the white guy who was grossly unqualified.
Frank Zilka 31
Have no fear ol Pistol Pete butttigieg will find a worthy replacement! Someone who will find “equality “ in all of aviation ! Perhaps the days of Victor airways will be renamed Victoria airways or Just Vic so as not offend the simple minds. Let’s face it if you weren’t the mayor of a failing town in the Midwest how could you possibly address complicated transportation issues.
John Taylor 7
Obviously you're not up to date on your social justice jargon. It's not "equality", it's "equity". We can't have real equality where everyone has the same opportunities, we need "equity" where everyone is guaranteed the same results.
Michael Dealey 2
Pete should nominate Sam Brinton. I hear he likes to hang out at airports.
That should count for something.
jeff bishop 1
Harry Schluderberg 0
Pistol Pete is too concerned about gender equality among crash test dummies.
jeff bishop 1
Pete Butt plug will find entry!
John Prukop -1
LMASO!! "Victoria Airways!"
darjr26 5
Look at Nolen’s work resume for the last eight years. After leaving American he’s had four jobs and didn’t stay very long at any of them. The problems at the FAA didn’t start with the Biden Administration and won’t end with it either.
Jaime Terrassa 2
they also didn't pay him enough
Dale Johnson 5
It is sad for the nation that political acumen has taken precedence over competence. Hopefully in 2024 some changes will be made and once again we can all have confidence in the agency and our government as a whole.
Joe Keifer 9
DEI being first and foremost throughout the Executive branch of the Federal Government is killing us. That and "climate change" and the need to "go green" at all costs.
paul gilpin 5
i think they should have used what the terms were before "they" realized what the terms spelled.
diversity, inclusion, equity
Gloria Johns 1
I never heard such nonsense. Do you also salivate over the word "woke" and hate CRT?
With an idiot in the White House what else can we expect?
Patrick Wahle 3
Covid mandates for federal employees and airlines staff was the last nail on the coffin.
Bill Overdue 1
Another victim of the failed leadership and ineptness of Boot Edge Edge and the Administration in general.
Gloria Johns 1
It isn't unusual to see politics, prejudice and poison in the comments here, but this one might have set the record for crap that doesn't belong in an aviation chat room. Are any of you guys pilots? Does your airline know what hatemongers you are? You talk about DEI as to blame for the messed up aviation industry when the guys making the mistakes are for the most part white guys. I wouldn't want any of you flying a plane I was on and I hope your airline figures out who you are and kicks you to the curb. You're dangerous! For the rest of you, you're ruining this website, and showing your ignorance.
Nooge 3
Lots of MAGA "pile its" of crap on here

Piling up BS and MAGA crap everywhere

It has accumulated in between their ears
Ron Slater 2
Are YOU even a pilot?
Gloria Johns 1
I wasn't making a technical point. It doesn't matter if I'm a pilot or not. Read it again.

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gilgraham 16
Try flying around low level in the soup only to discover the controller who's been working you for the last 4 minutes doesn't know where you are or the waypoint you're about to cross in 2 minutes. Happened to me recently. It's not political, it's reality, and somebody's going to get killed.
Joe Keifer 14
Spare us.
Roy Hunte 12
What are you blogging about, nobody said anything about trump, so butt out.

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bluiewest1 4
You might devote some of your time and energy in straightening out the MESS that Sweden has become. The great replacement isn't working out so well.
Philip Lanum 1
What does the US FAA chief have to do with Sweden?

Asking for a fence post.
rmchambers 2
Poor Hans, letting Trump live in your head for free for what 3 years now? you better go find your safe space and relax. Perhaps watch some youtubes of Exalted leader Biden talking about how everything is going to be great will help settle your nerves.

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Ryan Nelson 1
John, Nice mask pretty much tells us what we need to know about you!
Nooge 2
Yes I am educated
jeff bishop 0
Nooge 1
Jeff posted

Pete Butt plug will find entry!

Psychological projection is a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions. Psychological projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings
Gary Bain 0
You are hopeless.
Nooge 1
Wow I am devastated by your MAGA rebuttal to stubborn facts
Gary Bain 2
What does it take for you idiots to see what's right in front of your eyes. Biden and company have been an absolute disaster for this country. If you can't see that you are not only blind but incredible stupid as well.
Nooge -2
Gary its spelled ByeDon

Same thing Jack Smith will say Bye Don !!!
Gloria Johns 1
Why was your comment deleted?
Henry Prentiss 0
Hans; are you the one who had the polls stopped in the swing states?
Nooge 1
Stop the Squeal Henry

It reveals how clueless and gullible you are

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Ryan Nelson 28
Hans and Larry regardless of your political affiliation or what you identify as people are being installed in very important positions that they have no experience in. They carry out a political agenda that has nothing to do with the core needs of the position. Any train derailments come to mind?
As far as global warming you two should spend some time educating yourselves as to what emission standards a large part of the world follow. Places like Asia including China, South America, Central America, Mexico, and Africa do not follow any emission standards. While they burn coal and drive new vehicles that barely meet our 1980's emission standards, we lose all our manufacturing competitiveness and slowly go broke supposedly saving the world. Besides emissions standards these areas have little or no standards for chemical use in manufacturing and farming. We have done far more than our part to clean up the world. So, if you want to save the world get off your ass and clean up the rest the of it before you as us for additional standards.
Bror Monberg 2
Thank you for a 'common sense' point of view. Your statements are all factual.
Chuck Fullerton 1
You are so correct Ryan.
jacqwayne 3
Ignorance is bliss...I guess.
bluiewest1 2
Boo hoo!
Henry Prentiss -4
Hans, evidently you agreed with the polls being stopped in the swing states
Nooge 1
Stop the Squeal
bluiewest1 1
John Stooge, as in the three stooges
Nooge 2
Stooge ?

I know T Rump lost by a landslide

Lets try and be factual
strickerje 1
Speaking of trying to be "factual", what does "landslide" mean to you? The official results of the popular vote were 51.3% to 46.8%.
Nooge 1
You are a supporter... you tell me what a landslide is ?
One that you dont win the popular vote ?
Maybe you can explain it to me

"We had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the Electoral College. I guess the final numbers are now at 306," Trump said in an interview on Fox News Sunday.

Clinton's Popular-Vote Lead Is Now Over 2 Million, But Don't Expect Big Changes
A statement from his transition team on Friday, in response to reports of the CIA assessment, said, "The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history."

Trump also said in his Fox interview, "I think the Democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country."

Trump contends that the size of his victory was historic, which is not borne out by the results.

Trump won 306 electoral votes to Clinton's 232. That puts him comfortably above the required 270 electoral votes. But it's hard to argue this represents a landslide of historic proportions, given that out of 58 presidential elections, the winner has received more electoral votes in 37 contests.
Tedd Steele 0
Dont you have a plane to fly somewhere?
Nooge 1

I Captain Trump Hot Air Farce One


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