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Ryanair Fires Chief Pilot For Harassing Women

58-year-old Aidan Murray has just been fired as chief pilot at Ryanair, a position he has held since 2020. For those not familiar with the concept of a chief pilot, this is a really high position — in addition to doing a limited amount of flying, a chief pilot oversees all flight operations. Murray has been at Ryanair since 1995, so that’s quite a career he has had at the carrier up until now. ( More...

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Martin Allan 20
Stepped over the boundary from acceptable conduct - Congrats to Ryanair for the correct action.
Jaime Terrassa 3
well down you want respect to treat them with respect. contacts Ryanair
carste10 7
You'd think that he'd have been smart enough to know that sort of thing wouldn't fly...
Julius Thompson 12
It wasn't just one, it was eight (8)!
rmchambers 9
That came forward.
flight attendants in the airline industry put up with that sort of harrassment for years,before things started to change..female ground personnel did as well,until the human resouirces departments of airlines started taking allegations seriously..the female pilots i have known were all smart,good at their jobs, and assets to any airline and their profession,and yet still being attractive women..this man,at 58, is old enough to know better, and young enough to understand women are professionals in all kinds of jobs,and not "objects"...
Gerard Kelly 2
Surely there were some clues in the 25 YEARS he was a line pilot before promotion to Cheif Pilot.
Leander Williams 2
Maybe they should contact E. Jean Carroll's attorneys and file a sexual harrassment lawsuit.
loubearr 2
I wonder if his pension is protected or will he lose it? I am not so sure if he should lose it all but it should be cut.
He got away with it long enough...!!!
Silent Bob 1
If there’s one thing pilots at Ryanair know it’s a hard landing!
Dale Johnson 1
I wonder why a 58 year old senior pilot would engage in such behavior and put an end to his career when so close to retirement. Could it be a mental problem, early stages of dementia perhaps?
garritt -1
tRUMP air will hire him
Jay Powell 3
LOL a moron and an asshole. Congrats on being DICK of the DAY.
Gary Bain 2
Oh get a life Garritt.
John Taylor -1
"Kudos to the women who came forward and shared their truth." says the editorialized, woke author. Sure the pilot was a jerk and firing him was appropriate. But my God, "shared their truth"? Whatever happened to just "the" truth? Now everyone has "their own truth". Spare me.
jhakunti -9
That's taking equity, inclusion, and diversity to a new flight level when a pervy pilot seeks to support the career of a young female first officer via his routing.

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btweston 5
I bet you lead a really interesting life.
WIllard Kramer 6
Hey John I really like your posts. Can you send me some nudes? You sound hot.
Duane Mader 0
AWAAlum 2
Allow me to enlighten you - there is ageism, and there is sexism. Additionally, you appear unaware that even "hot pilots" can be frank and honest...considering the number of pilots who came forward, I lean towards this guy being a real scumbag...and that's not based on those "isms"

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Duane Mader 9
If the allegations are true, and they likely were given the number of witnesses, he was a giant pos.
Greg S 6
That assumes that Ryanair did no independent investigating of its own and relied solely on the women's statements. And that is exceedingly unlikely.
AndyShank 4
It’s sad to think you might actually believe some of this.

You’re assuming by default that eight women are probably lying, and that the chief pilot is wrongly accused?

If so, I’d at least have to agree with you on one thing - That sexism runs rampant. But perhaps not in the way you meant.
John Taylor 2
Not that it's true in this case at all but yes, I have seen women conspire to get rid of a guy in their way professionally.
AWAAlum 2
I believe it. Conversely, I've seen the exact thing happen, likely many more times, when men conspire to get rid of a woman in the workplace - for whatever reason. Sadly, we sometimes act in a selfish way.
srobak -1
Florida = flirtations


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