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The Five Longest Flights From Africa: All From The Same Country

The world's five longest flights from Africa are all between the U.S. and one country! The routes are operated by Delta Air Lines and United Airlines since both carriers have aircraft in their fleet that can operate ultra-long-haul flights. ( More...

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George Lane 17
South Africa
M20ExecDriver 7
Not noted in the article was the EWR-JNB is actually longer than Delta's ATL-JNB. Why? You'll either sit at the gate or in the aircraft for a couple hours before actual departure. Have to remember, you're in north Jersey.
rob strong 2
I can just hear the nasally whining on that flight . The most obnoxious group at any destination anywhere in the world. Biggest complainers and nothing is ever up to their standards.
godutch 1
Nat Saginario 4
South African Airways flight from Johannesburg to JFK used to be the longest with the non-stop flight taking about 17 hours before the airlines went belly-up. They used 747's.
Yes George you saved me a click and I used it to respond to you: i chose S. Africa, lol.
ctfcapps 2
Thanks George
Roy Miller 2
I flew Johannesburg to Newark via Abidjan return with on one of the few flights operated by World Airways some years ago. The aircraft was an MD11 and we were about 90 minutes on the ground at Abidjan where we were allowed to disembark. The place was filthy and disgusting and I was glad to get back on the aircraft. The flight seemed endless and was very quickly dropped by World Airways. I travelled in Business Class which was fairly empty but Economy Class filled up in Abidjan and appeared to be well supported. I imagine World Airways were in financial difficulties even before this ill timed venture commenced and probably hastened their shut down.
H Wayne Potter 2
South Africa I made the flight twice with Delta from Atlanta to Johannesburg
Flora Brands 2
Took the EWR to JNB last September on American. Great flight after American screwed us on the ORD to Gatwick.....flew British Air back. BA was fantadtic.
godutch 2
United, not American... As far as I know American never flew direct from EWR to JNB or CPT???
Mary Rose 2
The DL flight from ATL-JNB is great when it goes off without a hitch. Last Nov we were delayed two days in JNB for cancelled flights due to weather in ATL. Eventually got back on a circuitous route thru Heathrow SLC and others.
Gregory Lebona 3
Always loved the Delta JNB-ATL route👌 The only reason I fly to ATL via LHR these days, besides being a BA fan for 49 years (before 1974 i travelled on BOAC VC10 and once on B747-100, JNB to LHR refuelling at NBO, old Embakasi Airport) is to collect my Avios points😁😁 I last flew Delta from ATL on 7th August 2019, DL 200 B777-232 (LR) N710DN 16 hrs non-stop service to JNB/ORTI, awesome flight👌💕✈
matt jensen 2
We avoid flying in/out of ATL. Faster for us to fly to/from Schipol down to Tambo
Gregory Lebona 2
I just love the JNB-ATL route, I flew Delta from ATL on 7th August 2019, DL 200 on B777-232 (LR) N710DN, 16 hrs non-stop service to JNB OR Tambo Intn'l, awesome flight.
godutch 2
...I took a chance and tried to pull up the page. I'm NOT turning off my adblocker...
C J -1
We were all very concerned about your ad blocker, so thanks for sharing this info!
godutch -2


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