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FlightAware 2023 Intern Summer Projects - Part 2

As the Senior Director of IT Operations & Reliability, Sean Kelly has been involved in the design & reliability of FlightAware's infrastructure and the adoption of Site Reliability Engineering. We are excited to share the second project in our series showcasing the work from our class of Summer 2023 interns. Our summer internships aren't limited to just software engineering. This week, we will take a look at a project done on our Site Reliability Engineering team. This is the… ( More...

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George Lane 4
Projects like the one described (ACL management and automatoin) may not seem as exciting as features like the Go-around detection" described in Part 1, but I can say from experience: having well-managed, well organized network infrastructure can mean the difference between a company surviving a network attack, or being the subject of embarrassing news headlines.

Matha Goram 2
Glad to see the recognition from all angles - customer experience (& confidence in FA solutions), corporate investment in employees development and, of course, the ability to attract talented folks.
Scott Sarine 2
Thank you for this recognition of William. Summer internships are one of the best recruiting methods for locating and retaining top notch candidates for an organization.


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