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PA-18 violates TFR for President Biden in Anchorage

"A small plane that entered airspace closed for President Joe Biden’s visit to Anchorage Monday was intercepted by a NORAD F-16 jet that shot flares at it to get the pilot’s attention, military officials said Monday." ( More...

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Colin Seftel 4
In the article, "The jet escorted it to a nearby airport, the statement said." Is it actually possible for a F-16 to escort a Piper Cub? I would guess that the cruise speed of the Cub is well below the stall speed of the F-16.
Sean Awning 1
Knowing the time of the incident, you could replay ADSBexchange and possibly observe how it was done...
linbb 1
If you read it that tells how its done by not following it but making circles around the aircraft. Its a real PIA to deal with trying to get somewhere when that airspace restriction hits. Had that problem yers back going into BFI in Seattle from eastern WA. Thought it was an ok deal but they shut it down while I was enroute there. Ended up at Thun Field instead.
Sean Awning 2
Yikes! VFR and NORDO? Did they "escort" you to PLU?


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