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‘Is This Hell?’ The Pilot Accused of Trying to Crash a Plane Tells His Story.

Joseph Emerson, charged with attempted murder, said he felt trapped in a dream after taking mushrooms. He had feared mental health treatments that could disrupt his career. ( More...

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victorbravo77 5
NB: Trying to pull both fire bottles on a turbo twin (with passengers) is definitely NOT better than seeking and getting mental health treatment.

If anyone is having thoughts of suicide, please.

PTSD veterans, NFL football players, pilots. anyone.
Highflyer1950 4
I think the days of looking the other way, or staying silent about individuals that are noticeably in some form of distress are long gone. This applies especially to those in close proximity, wives, girlfriends, husbands etc. In this day and age help is available but to stay quiet means you are just as culpable for actions can that lead to mass casualties. Sorry but we pilots definitely fit into that category.


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