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Emirates Says 'Whole loads of Airlines' Will Faill in Fuel Squeeze

Emirates doesn't have it as easy as people think they do when it comes to fuel costs. ( More...

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Noah Rice 3
I think one thing that makes Emirates such a popular airline among people and so competitive around the world is the quality of service that is provided in flight.
Ian Bock 2
That really is the difference between U.S. carriers and (most large) foreign carriers.
it´s a shame. a highly developed country as the u.s., building the best aircraft in the world, allows herself the mediocrity of the worst airlines in the world ... will never understand this.
npog99 2
It is really very easy to understand, though. Mediocrity happens when profits are placed above all else, a free market.
sure, know what you mean. still, money is not everything. as can be easily observed, a society going this way is being periodically rewarded with the thrilling delicacies of a goldman sachs or madoff :-P
ken young 2
Notwithstanding the interloping Emirates, answer this...Going back to the 1970's how many of the Legacy carriers have either declared bankruptcy, gone out of business or have had to merge with other carriers just to survive.
Ian Bock 0
Easy, all of them.
ken young 1
Bingo! We have a winner!
I felt Emirates tried to get more money from USA to make Islam/muslim a big fat profit. NO WAY. Get the Heck Emirates out of USA soil!
Ric Wernicke 2
My read of the article is that the speculators are manipulating the oil markets and taking large profits that have the effect of stifling whole economies.

There is an easy way out of this. Make it unlawful for any market (meaning exchange) to buy or sell any product from crude oil without taking physical delivery. Speculation will not be possible, and derivites will be useless because only true market forces will affect price.

I am sorry to read that Emirates has lost 90 million so far with their A380 problems, would have made a nice down payment on a Dreamliner.
Many will fall even without the fuel issue. Fuel price is just speeding up the process. Too much expansion too fast. Wannabe airline pilots better consider a career change.
DFW and Americas dont need any islam/muslim airlines to here due to oil prices go up. Or possible highest landing and gasoline fee and each islam/muslim passengers have to pay subcharge fee and highest VISA fee to Americas.
Ian Bock 2
Say what? In English please.
Did you even make it past third grade in school???
It must be nice to have an unlimited checkbook, Emirates.


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