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Lufthansa to Continue Partnership with US Airways - Codeshares to Continue Despite US Move to Oneworld

German flag carrier Lufthansa announced plans to it to continue its long-time partnership with US Airways as well as its non-stop flight between Munich to Charlotte, North Carolina. The airline, which first launched the Munich-Charlotte flight in 2004, currently operates the route with a three-class Airbus A340-600 between the two cities. According to Lufthansa, it is the only airline to offer a first-class cabin on that route.... ( More...

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PhotoFinish 4
I said all along that Lufthansa would only keep their flight to CLT if they could maintain their codeshare with US Airways who dominates pasenger traffic at the airport. Even with lots of O&D business traffic, they'd still need the dominant local carrier to properly fill their planes.

Then recently it was reported that US Airways was going to maintain many if their codeshare partnerships with many of their former StarAlliance partner airlines. Lufthsnsa is only one of many former alliance partners to keep their codeshare.
matt jensen 1
Good for them
John Teague 2
Good to see them still at CLT I did not want to see them go. Great service with Lufthansa back in the 90s they had the only 747 service to CLT...that stands to this day. The 340 is the largest jet service to CLT at this time.


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