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Why your brand-new plane doesn't have a seat-back TV

Earlier this year, I boarded a United flight from Newark to San Diego. After passing the first few rows, a young boy turned to his mother and asked, "Why aren't there any TVs?" "It's probably an older plane," she responded -- but that couldn't be further from the truth. The aircraft, a 737-900 with Boeing's Sky Interior (a Dreamliner-esque recessed ceiling lit with blue LEDs), had only been flying for a few weeks. It looked new, and it even had that… ( More...

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Dave Nosek 3
How did we ever survive back in the early part of the century without all of the gadgets that everyone finds so necessary these days. Next time just bring a book. I'm sure you will survive a 6 hour flight without tv or wi fi.
PaulN2719 2
Honestly, if for some reason people couldn't use their gadgets (iPad, iPod, smartphone, whatever) for an extended length of time, I honestly think civilization might collapse. Myself, I'm content with a (real) book...
ChrisMD123 2
Books? Psh! You had it lucky. When I first started flying, there were no books. You kept yourselves occupied by retelling Homer's epics!

These kids today with their printed stories. Geez.
Bernie20910 2
Homer? Bah! Now Oog, Oog the Wanderer, now THERE was an adventurer! Why, when I was a boy, we couldn't wait for the next sequence to be painted on the cave wall.
ChrisMD123 1
We were evicted from our cave.
selby50c 1
Cave ? You were lucky ! I lived in a paper bag in the middle of the street....

BaronG58 2
Yes...I remember back in the day reading the local newspaper was my in-flight entertainment.
shuras85 1
Yep, UAL is just behind. Always late, always rude, never cares. Why can DAL install screens on its brand new 737-900ERs and UAL can not? DAL is cheaper for the most part too. Oh, and the stream on your device gig is already on most DAL planes. I have the same issue with AS (Alaska) as far as the in-flight entertainment is concerned. Yes, the service is superb, but common, for the price they charge to make it from SEA to anywhere (especially flights over 3 hrs) a DigiPlayer (surcharge) wouldn't do.
btweston 1
This is truly horrible news for those of us who cannot read.
Bernie20910 1
Gee, then you can't actually read and understand all the snarky comments you're going to get here, can you? :)
Kira Andreola 1
Eh forget in flight tv/wifi/whatever else. The only entertainment I want is a window seat. I've always been one to prefer looking around during long road trips seeing the sights to having my eyes focused on a screen that's there any time. Id much rather enjoy the miracle of flight with a lovely view to watching a movie I could watch at home. All this from an aviation enthusiast who goes many years between plane rides (my last commercial flight was with Southwest Airlines 11 years ago, my last flight on anything was a twin turbo prop- Twin Otter I think- as a tourist flight over the Grand Canyon 4 years ago).
kev wu 0
I had the same issue on a United Boeing 737-800 from KSEA to KDEN


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