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Once-feared 'Zero' fighter flies again over Japan

It was an amazing sight in the skies over the Japanese island of Kyushu on Wednesday. That small airplane buzzing thousands of feet up was a Japanese Zero, once the most feared fighter plane in the world. The World War II-era plane made two test flights after a restoration project funded by a Japanese businessman. ( More...

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Brian Nasset 6
Was there a F4U Corsair chasing it With a name of the pilot being Greg "Pappy" Boyington
scott8733 4
CNN might want to get their facts straight. They say the Zero's air to air combat abilities were "second to none". With a 13:1 kill ratio it had vs. the Zero, CNN might want to look into our F6 Hellcat. Facts can be stubborn things.
tom emm 1
The Akutan Zero...
Jap zero crash lands in Aleutian island

The Zero was a very acrobatic and light weight plane. It could easily outmaneuver anything it went against. Especially early in the war. The problem with the platform was it was so lightweight that it could not withstand much damage.
mrvair 2
The absence of armor plating and self sealing fuel tanks contributed the Zero being "very acrobatic and light weight". We should applaud our military for adding these safety features in US fighters to protect their pilots.
lynx318 0
While I do understand the historical & sentimental significance, from a modern automotive standpoint it would be like telling me you restored a 1982 Mitsubishi colt, I'd just look at you & say "Why would anyone want to?"


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