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FAA Requiring Inspections for Aging Boeing 777s

Operators of aging Boeing 777-200 aircraft that have accumulated at least 45,000 flight cycles must comply with new inspection requirements, as outlined in an airworthiness directive that FAA just published. ( More...

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David Loh 3
Number of cycles is a more important factor in terms of fatigue failure of fuselage due to pressurisation. Flight hours are not really that significant. An aircraft that is used for regular short haul flights will reach this flight cycle limit at much lower flight hours than those on regular long haul flights.
Mike OConnor 5
It's strange to think of the Triple 7 as an aging aircraft. I feel like BA and UA took delivery of their first ones just yesterday.
jmilleratp 2
It's weird, I've never ridden on one of the darn things, and they're reaching retirement!
Jeffrey Bue 1
@John.... 777 is a nice ride... especially in 1st class.
Thomas Mann 2
Aging aircraft?
A B-52 is an "Aging Aircraft". Original crews have been replaced by their grandkids.
David Kay 1
I know the difference between cycles and hours, but 45,000 cycles has got to mean a lot of hours! UA got theirs 21 years ago. How many cycles were they designed for?

allench1 1
mostly used for overseas flights. specifically Europe.
Rob Palmer 1
I feel as if this a "new" plane; I've never flow on one. I still remember the American Airlines one-class non-pressurized DC-3 in 1947, and landing on grass at New Haven. Boston Logan we stopped on bare ice; I almost fell down; long walk to the terminal.


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