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NASA gives glimpse of world's most realistic flight simulator

It's called NASA's Vertical Motion Simulator. In layman's terms, it's perhaps the most realistic flight simulator in the world, a video-gamer's dream. On Friday, NASA celebrated the 30th anniversary of the simulator, which is keeping a busy schedule despite the approaching end of one of its most famous uses -- allowing astronauts to simulate space shuttle flights before their missions. ( More...

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.. And Microsoft boasts, "As Real As It Gets" ... Guess they have not seen what NASA has !! LOL
Paul Claxon 0
About the Avanti, real quite aircraft !
This great "little toy" is located at Moffett Field (Mountain View) California Federal Airfield .. Interesting, considering the Shuttle Astronauts launch from the East Coast.
Neuroguy 0
I wonder if NASA would consider opening this up to the public. There would be a lot of people out there who'd pay big bucks for using this for, say, and hour. I wonder if they could make it simulate a F-22?
Tomasz Fiszer 0
@RobSJC well, MS' is a software, where NASA's is a fully fledged cabin with software on board, and actually, the MS' software is more "photo" realistic.


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