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Flying the "Unfriendly Skies"

It’s time to admit that airline deregulation has failed passengers, workers—and economic efficiency. When Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from United Airlines Flight 3411 on April 9, with cell phone cameras documenting the display, the uproar was immediate. People were infuriated by United’s resort to brutality, by the use of law enforcement to solve an overbooking problem, by the bloodied face of the doctor, and by United CEO Oscar Munoz’s ham-handed apology for “re-accommodating” customers. ( More...

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I wouldn’t use trains as a shining example of government regulation and don’t know what regulation/deregulation has to do with idiot pax.
btweston 1
You don’t see a problem with airlines having passengers beaten up because the flight was oversold? You are an idiot. Like, a truly stupid person. Wow. Who raised you?
Balance is required to produce good results. "Regulated capitalism" is required to balance the needs of everyone. The good of society cannot be achieved if only left to profit motives. Unfettered government or capitalism lead to poor result.
Seth Stoll 1
Well spoken, sir.
You can regulate or deregulate airlines all you want. However you can't get rid of the increasing number of entitled ,idiotic passengers. As a frequent flyer, I see more and more of these specimens and in some cases their children, boarding an aircraft and acting like absolute cretins. sad commentary on humanity.
Ric Wernicke 1
I believe your observation is correct David, but I feel there is not much difference between people, and some of the boorish behavior could be due to the lack of respect for the passenger by the airline and airport staff.

They could start with security. I visited the Capitol building recently and passing through security was so much more pleasant than the same necessary screening at Reagan National later in the afternoon. I did not see any of the nonsense seen in airport terminals inside the Rotunda. People were respectful of the rules of decorum and each other.
linbb -1
He was noted for doing what he did as is normal for many doctors who feel they are entitled and above anyone else. Much like some teachers in the US think they are.
Had he just complied rather than rant it cost those officers dearly for no reason.

ffrcobra1 3
The airline can't organize their personnel to get them where the aircraft are BEFORE they need to be there. That's not the passenger's fault. I'd tell the airline to go pound salt. They could have bought a charter for the crew. Just like when you are flying an airplane, failure to plan has consequences. The airline shouldn't fix their problem by screwing people who did plan ahead by buying a ticket.


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