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Timeline for Fremont accessibility is still unclear, officials say; volunteers offer flights at airport

While the roads in and out of Fremont were impassable, travel was still possible by air -- thanks in large part to a group of volunteer pilots who have been shuttling people and supplies between the Fremont Municipal Airport and the Millard Airport, with occasional flights to Lincoln as well. Flights have been offered by outfits such as Advanced Air out of Council Bluffs, Silverhawk Aviation out of Lincoln and Angel Flight, as well as some individual pilots who have volunteered their time and… ( More...

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[This poster has been suspended.]

I am not sorry for saying this. What on earth does political persuasion have to do with the people in Nebraska, many who are cut off from the outside world? What does it have to do with those Aviators who are out there helping others?

I could really care less what stripe you are, or who you voted for. It is the time for helping others, and feeling a bit of empathy for their situation.
It's pretty bad out there. Neighboring Offutt was 1/3rd under water, Watrerloo also had firefighters flying in food. A railroad was evacuating people out of towns to shelters.


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