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American Airlines disputes man's claim that dog was too heavy to fly

Lachlan Markay claims that he almost wasn’t allowed to bring his dog, Lou, on an American Airlines flight from Reagan National Airport in Washington DC to Miami. After taking his complaints to social media, however, the pup was allowed to fly and Lou’s holiday was saved. ( More...

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I'm sorry...he admits in his own tweet that his dog was 5 pounds over the limit. What exactly is he upset about...?
djames225 5
Nothing to do with weight, and he's upset because he forgot to use his brain.
Looks like another "aristocrat" who can't seem to realize you can't take dogs on an aircraft stuffed into a small non fitting bag like that!
william baker 5
The fact that he got caught trying to say the dog wasnt over weight and trying to blame in on American airlines.
ian mcdonell 8
another social media whinger looking for sympathy - boo hoo - get lost
Bob Keeping 2
Keep dogs OFF aircraft - if you want to fly with a dog - charter a flight.
sorry folks..the rules do change a bit,but unless you have a registerd "service animal" with a vest,paperwork and the whole nine yards,a "carry on" pet,as this one appears to be,MUST fit in a carry on sized approved kennel that will fit under the seat..the animal,be it a cat or a dog,must have room to stand up and to turn around..these kennels are small,so the animal has to be a small dog or cat and FIT in the kennel under the guidelines..pets that are checked and put in the cargo hold,also must be able to stand up or turn around, and needless to say,the kennels that are checked are a bit larger..its for the humane and comfortable treatment of your pet,whether its carry on or checked..a true vested "service animal" is under a totally different category, and people with those pets usually are seated in a bulkhead where the dog must remain at their feet,whether they are for blind assistance or other such..there are soft sided carry ons that are usesd,but usually for very small cats or puppies..the hardsided ones that are smaller still must fit under a seat..the rules are there not only for the other passengers on board, but for the comfort of the pet...
Jeff Griffin 0
Where in the ADA is a service animal required to be registered or wear a vest? The only thing I've seen is you must be able to answer these 2 questions: Is this animal required due to a disability? What specific task(s) has this animal been trained to perform?
djames225 1
I agree about the vest thing, but their are a few "things" when using airline services, besides the 2 questions you posted. Seems too many "illegitimate" schemes in the past "spoiled the soup".

To show that the dog is a service animal, you must provide the following:
Animal ID card
Harness or leash and tags
Credible verbal assurance" That last part are those 2 questions, the ID card is from the airline.

Animals = Cargo Hold
ToddBaldwin3 1
Anyone have any cheese to with this guys whine? I just recently PCSd overseas on a military charter. I saw them deny transport because the rabies blood test report was not an original document. They made me demonstrate that my dog could stand up in her kennel without her ears touching the top of the kennel.
absolutely in the hold unless a bona fide service dog-trained-the friend he met is loose in the cabin and walking around-not a service dog either-if you need emotional support when flying consider a car instead. I rescue dogs and would never consider taking one on a plane-
djames225 0
Actually he is allowed to be loose, if he is a service dog. I saw no real evidence he did not have a leash on, just peering between seats. Seemed well behaved.

"Cabin rules for transport with a service dog:
Animal must fit on your lap, at your feet or under your seat
Animals must be clean, well behaved and under your control at all times"


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