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Malaysia Airlines To Suspend Boeing 737 MAX Deliveries

“In view of the production stoppage and the delayed return to service of the 737-MAX, Malaysia Airlines has suspended the delivery of its orders,” the airline shared in an email ( More...

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M. R. 1
AA/Boeing/FAA further suspended revenue flights on MAX until June 4th instead of April 17..
patrick baker 1
bet they will ask for them once other carriers have sucessfully flown them a bit.
bentwing60 -5
From the worlds safest carrier whom has had one shot down and one apparently 'beamed up'. not to mention the losses to 'operational errors' of all types, in all types!
Rico van Dijk 7
... because only americain operators are safe,.. of course... :/
John D 6
Maybe it's just the way the article is worded, but how do you suspend the delivery of an aircraft when it's grounded and Boeing is storing them all over Renton?


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