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American Airlines Will Bring Parked Embraer Regional Jets Back Into Service By June 3

According to the Senior Vice President of Air Operations at the American Airlines wholly-owned regional carrier Envoy Air, “all of the E-175s and E-145s that we parked as a result of COVID-19 [are expected to be] returned to service by June 3.” In addition all of the 20 Embraer 175 regional jets that had been operated by Compass are being brought into the Envoy Air fleet “over the next few months.” The first one, aircraft N208AN, was sent to Abilene for conformity checks by Eagle Aviation… ( More...

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srobak 4
pix of them sitting on the tarmac at KSAW (former KI Sawyer AFB). This is where all the non-alert B-52s and KC-135s were parked back in the day. There haven't been this many tails parked on the ramp since 1994.
Pierre Dorant 2
Good thing to do
jptq63 1
Not trying to be political here with these thoughts, but I do not think most here would agree that various regulations / rules do influence the airline industry, so please pardon if you view this as “political”, I am trying my best to avoid this here with my observations / comments, and trying to focus on the business operations perspective of an airline. As already mentioned by others in various ways, less expensive to fly on a per – plane / flight – perspective, but not on a per – Fully loaded passenger – perspective. Reality is these have no middle seat to avoid leaving empty if regulations are passed / made to require a middle seat be left open. Given how the US congress (any political party), most likely only “initially” think about planes with a middle seat to get rid of, they may propose regulations such that a plane can only fly with “Window” & “Aisle” seats; i.e. these planes then could fly at full capacity per the “hypothetical” regulations…. Now, if the “hypothetical” regulation is no person may be seated next to another person, 3 across coach seating will remain (no more 10 across 777s, etc…), business class seats will, I do not know, guess will cease to exist on most planes, and it would impact actually future plane design to figure out how to maximize possible passengers. Time to use imagination to determine how to store people in a plane (recall some proposal to stack people flat in bunk-bed like fashion….). Yes, things are a mess, just would like to not make things even worse….
darjr26 1
I wonder what they are seeing that makes them think they need these aircraft online again.
Georgia Burke 2
Cheaper and smaller.
darjr26 2
Actually on a per seat basis a B737-800 is cheaper to operate. American has also pledged to keep 50% of their middle seats empty, it’s going to be hard to do that on a E-175.
srobak 0
really? turn on the news. 23 states are ramping up to normal operations. states like WI just had a supreme court ruling flagging the Governor's attempt to extend the stay-at-home order as unconstitutional. Life is going to start getting back to normal sooner or later.
darjr26 3
Did the Wisconsin Supreme Court order people to start flying? Load factors are picking up but it will be a long time before airlines get back to normal.
srobak 0
I think you are going to find it ramps up pretty quickly in the next 3 to 5 weeks, nationwide.
darjr26 2
I’m not so sure, but I hope you’re right.
Arturo Caldera 4
There's definitely been a huge difference on the ramp i work in terms of loads. we went from maybe 10 to 15 bags daily a few weeks ago to minimum of 30 sometimes upwards of 50 now. and we expect to see lots more as summer approaches.
Ron Streetenberger 1
If AA wants to fly full airplanes, this will be a good start on a . Nowadays, some people are flying on private 737's with a coach ticker.
Ron Streetenberger 0
II should never use this damn laptop.
Kevin Keswick 1
This is a positive sign that air travel is slowly but surely starting to pickup. The only problem with this aircraft - as the article notes - is that it does not have Hepa air filtration that the larger aircraft have. With Hepa air filters, disinfection measures using electrostatic foggers, mandated masks and compulsory temperature checks - flying on an aircraft can be one of the safest places to be during Covid-19 - safer than going to a supermarket which we all do at least once a week. It will be a long time before air travel returns to pre-covid levels but I believe that in a few months it should be back to about 70% of pre-covid numbers. The fact is people still need to travel long distances and air travel is the only option in most cases. Business travel - which is the most lucrative part of the business will take a while to get back to pre-covid levels as companies will replace business travel with video conferencing until there is an effective vaccine after which business travel should pick back up .
darjr26 1
The E-175s do have hepa filters.
Robert Cowling -7
Why? Leave them be Did anyone clean them yet? (Probably not)

End the 'RJ Era'!
hornet135 2
"End the 'RJ Era'!" Don't you mean "stop air service to smaller cities"?
dee9bee 2
My understanding is that the virus only lasts about 72 hours on, say, a tray table. That being said, those little jets probably need a through cleaning anyway.
Arturo Caldera 1
The planes in storage now would probably get the best cleaning they've ever gotten the minute they return to service.
srobak 1
Of course they did. Most have them have been sitting on the tarmac at their servicing facility here at KSAW (not designated as MQT, as reported in the story). During their time there - they were fully serviced and cleaned.
Robert Cowling -3
Oh, these are the slightly larger ones. *shrug*


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