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The Demise of Eastern at 30

Up now in Ask the Pilot: The Demise of Eastern at 30. On January 19th, 1991, one of aviation's most storied franchises ceased operations. ( More...

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ADXbear 4
Living here close to Disney world, I remember the " Wings of man" ride by Eastern Airlines. I had many friends that were destroyed by this awful demise of a great Airline.
jeff slack 3
I remember it well.
Two sides unwilling to negotiate and Frank Lorenzo being such a prick that he pulled the plug.

So many things happened in the period between deregulation and our current industry (of just a few airlines to choose from that regard us as cattle) and now.

Reagan's deconstruction of Air Controllers is still being felt today as well as the loss of so many storied carriers; Eastern and Pan Am being two that stand out the most.


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