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Ryanair Renews Lease on Lauda A320s, Blasts Boeing For Uncompetitive Pricing of Aircraft

Ryanair has renewed the leases on its Lauda Airbus A320 aircraft, whilst blasting Boeing for uncompetitive pricing of its 737 MAX aircraft. ( More...

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Whilst Ryanair is a no-frills, cut price carrier, happy to deeply compromise customer service, aircraft should NEVER be built with compromised quality or safety. Not EVERYTHING in this life needs to be made around a low price.
Bandrunner 1
O'Leary doesn't take any crap from anyone.
Fascinating to watch the blending between private negotiations and "megaphone diplomacy".

So long as I don't have to fly on a Ryanair service, this is a joy to watch from the (disconnected) sidelines.


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