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London Gatwick To Lose 600K Passengers Over Thomas Cook Collapse

London-Gatwick Airport is set to lose around 600,000 passengers following the demise of Thomas Cook Airlines. The British carrier went into liquidation in September 2019, igniting the biggest UK repatriation exercise of all time. In the final week of September, following the collapse, 50,000 passengers at Gatwick Airport alone were stripped off their flights, representing around 254 commercial operations. ( More...

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Chris B 2
That's alot of takeoff/landing slots to sell off. Not just at Gatwick but also many other airports.
sharon bias 1
Having through through Gatwick once, it was once too many. Less traffic can only improve it.
BeechSportBill 1
...well, are they all gonna take the train?
linbb -1
Well that's kind of a given isn't it? Many airports could use a little less congestion anyway and never see any problem money wise.
Kobe Hunte 3
ummm... 600,000 passengers? That is a lot of money.


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