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Emirates Pilots Implement Strategies to Cut Fuel Use and Emissions

Emirates has been proactive in reducing fuel consumption and emissions through strategic operational practices known as “Green Operating Procedures” (Green Ops). Since 2016, Emirates has pursued a comprehensive approach that incorporates pilot training, advanced technology, and meticulous planning to optimize every aspect of their flights for environmental efficiency. ( More...

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darjr26 5
Reduced flap landings and idle reverse thrust , what could possibly go wrong?
KitBagJack 4
Ah yes, in the (old) days we tried “one engine taxi” on the B-727. It works well until on a congested ramp with tight maneuvering. Then we couldn’t get the plane to move without blasting the ramp! Oops!
21voyageur 4
Yawn. Must be a quiet day on the aviation news front.
Bayouflier 4
Didn't see anything here that we haven't been using in our airlines for decades. Same techniques in a new wrapper with some added computer jargon. As for how much fuel has been saved, no one can prove otherwise.
jetjocknj 2
Nothing to see here folks. . .
ko25701 -1
What's the point here? Emirates has enough cheap oil to fly as fast as they want.
Nige Lites 0
Even if EK were getting cheap or free fuel in DXB, they still have to refuel at destination for return sector, and that will be at 'local' commercial rate.
AFAIK EK pay same price as anyone else taking on fuel at DXB.
EK and DXB are owned by Dubai Govt, not UAE Govt, and Dubai is pretty much out of Oil Reserves, it's Abu Dhabi that has all the oil, and AD also has Etihad who compete with EK, so I doubt AD is doing EK any favours.


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