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EASA Delegation to Assess China’s COMAC C919 for Potential Certification

Next month, a delegation composed of technicians and officials from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is scheduled to travel to China for a series of field tests on the COMAC C919 aircraft, marking a preliminary move towards initiating the European certification process. ( More...

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As we have seen in some other squawks (not, at the moment, this one) the suggestion that COMAC may begin to challenge Airbus and Boeing was being downvoted as irrelevant - maybe it is time give serious considerations to their aims and knowledge that COMAC could become a major player in the next few years.
As I have also said elsewhere China's National and Domestic Airlines currently operate with almost 100% Airbus and Boeing fleets and it would be stupid to pretend that the Chinese leaders will not do everything in their power to replace them with a home grown product.
The change to COMAC aircraft from Airbus/Boeing will begin within their domestic market but that has to be seen as the first steps to their desire to go head to head with them in the global market.
The current reliance on Airbus/Boeing for their aircraft has to be an anathema to the Chinese Government and failure to acknowledge that would be, at the very least, foolhardy.
linbb 1
As with Russian aircraft few bought any other than themselves.
The global demand will come down to quality and cost but currently Air China, China Eastern and China Southern operate some 1750 Airbus & Boeing's between them and as they require replacement they will have to compete with COMAC.
I agree with your point about Russian aircraft but I suspect that the Chinese will produce a far superior product and in any event IF Airbus and Boeing are squeezed out of the Chinese market then that alone will represent quite a loss.
Nunya Bizness 2
Good points. If Boeing had maintained its reputation and quality products, there would be little concern about Chinese aircraft, like with Russian planes. As much as I want Boeing to succeed, their downfall is their own fault and appears inevitable. Too much greed for them to change anything. Maybe (can only hope) this will be a kick in Boeing's board members rear ends to get things back on track.
jmilleratp 1
When I see that an aircraft was made using parts bought on Temu, I'm going to have questions... ;-)
Regrettably some people will make the same point when they see an aircraft built by Boeing !!


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