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JetBlue (#191) Pilot's Wife Statement

Nearly a week after her husband had a breakdown while piloting a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas on Monday, Connye Osbon released a statement through the airline thanking doctors and staff at the Amarillo-area hospital where he is being treated, among other groups. ( More...

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Norman Best 4
It seems premature for the government to initiate criminal charges before getting the results of the psychiatric screening. Prosecuters heve discretion in these matters, and should not be playing to the public's/FAA's blood lust at this point.
preacher1 3
I agree. "Interefering with a flight crew" is basically an intentional thing or something that happens when you are in your right mind. There is definitely a medical issue here and should be handled before anything of criminal intent is pursued.
1. Co-pilot acted exactly as expected he should act. An unusual situation, but isn't that part of why there is a copilot? You can bet if the airlines could figure a way to eliminate this position, they would in a heartbeat.

2. Don't quite understand the obsession with prosecution. Mostly likely medical/mental. Pull his ticket, get him help and go make some absurd rules which neither help security or make better pilots.
eddyandy 2
I'm getting very tired of the "hero" label being passed around again!
I myself, hope he can get the help he needs and cleared to return.


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