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Fallen satellite's debris reported in Canada

A NASA science satellite plunged through the atmosphere early this morning, breaking up and possibly scattering debris in Canada. There were reports on Twitter of debris falling over Okotoks, a town south of Calgary in western Canada, most likely the remains of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or UARS, which had been in orbit for 20 years. Scientists were unable to pinpoint the exact time and place where UARS would return to Earth due to the satellite's unpredictable tumbles as it… ( More...

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alistairm 0
Thanks NASA! They should be fined for litering.
combatcougar 0
Took a couple of photos from my back yard, looking west, at what looks like the reentry. Am in Denton TX. Wondering if I should have seen it, about 35 degrees up from the horizon, passing south to north in my western sky at 1923 hours, just prior to sunset. Bright, whitish-looking, long trail like a comet. Seems much too high and too large to be an aircraft. Wondering. . . . .
Jerry Lane 0
Not a chance.
William Gilson 0
WOW I was out watching from Calgary I should have seen it from Here but did not it was a clear night so.....
William Gilson 0
Latest news on this I was following the Sat live on line and at the time it went North of YYC not south so I believe this over Twitter

Falling NASA satellite in Okotoks?
The Canadian Press Sep 24, 2011 14:46:11 PM
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NASA says its dead, bus-sized satellite has fallen to Earth but it's still not sure where.

The space agency says it crashed through the planet's atmosphere early Saturday morning somewhere over the north Pacific and most of it is believed to have burned up.

A video from a family of Okotoks surfaced claiming it was the falling satellite.

But, R-C-M-P is casting doubt on that report suggesting some debris landed in Okotoks, Alberta, instead, believing that an on-line video is a hoax.


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