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(Video) Cessna Crash lands in Williamsburg VA

Video of cessna making an emergency landing off airport and hitting a biulding. Pilot and passenger where unharmed, plane was totaled ( More...

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Robert Duke 0
NEAT!!! 81 year old pilot walking away from that! Most 81 year olds can't survive a fall down their household steps. Would like to see the investigation report....Lost power? Did we say (between the lines) "ran out of fuel" ? Huummm
Tyler Johnson 0
Agreed! Kudos to the pilot. My flight instructor would tell me he wanted me to be able to put the a/c down in a parking lot if necessary missing the kids, the soccer mom, and the daycare at the end of a parking lot (in other words, you put this thing down safe no matter what) Great job to the pilot!
Tim Kenyon 0
...and it is a REALLY good one if you can use the plane again.
Lloyd Boyette 0
That's impressive! Any landing you can walk away from is a good one!
chalet 0
Boyette call their insurance company and tell this fricking thing about a "good" landing and better not tell them your name.
nice job and no one injured!
mark tufts 0
81 year old pilot and passenger walking from hard landing uninjured and putting it between the lines in the parking lot i say thats a good walk away from a crash and also great parking job


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