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Hawaiian Airlines adding flights to New York JFK

Hawaiian Airlines plans to begin flying from New York this summer, marking the Honolulu-based carrier's first-ever push into the U.S. East Coast. ( More...

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Ben Lillie 0
I hope they start flying to KBOS.
lavalampluva 0
As usual they skip "fly over" country.
mark tufts 0
i hope they do either kci out ot the twin cities as right now thc closest place for me is chicago
Troy Raiteri 0
I wanna see them land at MEM but with only one (and only one) international gate and Pinnacle airlines isn't giving up MEM anytime soon yet...seems impossible..
Chris Donawho 0
They'll never come to Dallas either as AA offers several flights a day already. Good for them. Good to see any airline do well.


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