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Guess Hawker Beechcraft is upping the ante in the bizjet speed records

Though more likely someone getting a little too happy with the power lever(s) on a much pointier and probably gray airplane. ( More...

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Obviously an erroneous report about the Beech. They get more speed per gallon than competitors but c'mon!
Silent Bob 0
Hey, any airplane can break the sound barrier...once.
Ben Lillie 0
Yeah, and then the sound barrier would break it.
Brian Bishop 0
I vote for the T-38 as much as they fly those along the gulf coast.
tim mitchell 0
I don't think that a beechjet would come anywhere close to the sound barrier before disentergrating
I'm trying to find the flight, but the site limits type queries to what's currently in the air. I don't have an API key to perform API queries.
Rob Claybrook 0
I assumed that it was a T-38 or an F-18 and didn't bother to look. There are several Air Force and Navy bases around here.
That's probably true, but the statement from the Baton Rouge airport said something about a BeechJet. I'm having a hard time believing that they don't know something with a detail like that.
Rob Claybrook 0
Being based at BTR I am sure they don't always get details like that right.
Ben Lillie 0
The speed of sound is 768 mph. I doubt a beechjet could go that fast.
Beechjet? Sound barrier? Lol


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