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American Airlines may stop showing '30 Rock'

Alec Baldwin’s recent on-flight freakout could possibly result in American Airlines entirely removing his show “30 Rock” from the line-up of in-flight entertainment, reports Reuters. The potential move comes after Baldwin wrote a letter in the Huffington Post in which he apologized to the passenger aboard the flight that he was kicked off of, but scolded an AA flight attendant for acting like a “1950′s gym teacher.” ( More...

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canuck44 0
American Airlines should have been charged with fraud prior to the incident for calling this "ENTERTAINMENT" and placing this drivel in front of a captive audience.
Chip Hermes 0
I think this shows how well the country is doing....that this is the nonsense making the airlines are worrying about and what makes the news.
I fly AA almost weekly and have accumulated over a million miles on American. I turn off my phone and my Kindle. What makes Baldwin think he is above the rules? I wish they had pressed changes against the jerk. I support the Flight Attandents 100 per cent. He thinks "gym teacher", they are agents of the FAA with enough athority to make him very sorry for his actions if they elected to do so.
Robert Gomez 0
Alec: I think you can afford your own plane! You won't have any trouble with any crew. Were at this point nobody wants to see you around any airline, not even for a tv ad!
Watch Dog 0
Who really cares?
Kawaiipoint2 0
Thank you.
Tony Welch 0
Whats 30 rock? Lol


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