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They're all anyone would want for Christmas: Cute Filipino air hostesses perform safety demo to festive Mariah Carey tune

.....Travellers aboard Cebu Pacific will, for the festive period at least, be told how to buckle their seatbelts and inflate their life jackets to the tune of Mariah Carey's smash hit All I Want For Christmas Is You. ( More...

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Chip Hermes 0
Great pics and video. But that isn't Mariah Carey singing.
jhakunti 0
Thanks Chip for telling so now I do not have to waste time watching this video. Almost did, but instead wasted time commenting on a video I did not watch.
preacher1 0
John: I mighta knowed if it involved a young, good lookin' woman, you'd be around somewhere.LOL
canuck44 0
I had to put this up after Alistair's post of PC Airways and their transsexual FAs. I looked at on the Daily Mail but did not have the heart to inflict on the blog so put this up for "balance".

I follow the rule of half your age plus 5 for the lower limit...or is it minus 5. Oh must be flexible. I hope you have great holiday season...I am on call for Christmas but then off to LAS for New Years Eve @ Coyote Ugly with Sr. GF.
preacher1 0
Be careful and have a good trip.Merry Christmas
pdixonj 0
I'm pretty sure that's just what "they" wanted for be made to dance around for creepy-looking men that will, undoubtedly, sexually harass them for the remainder of the flight. Yes, the holidays will be such festive times for these flight attendants...oops, 'air hostesses'.
canuck44 0
You would be right on the money for North American "Air Hostesses" who probably were the most popular girls in school and maybe college. It is a very different ball game in Asia where many of these young ladies come from poverty like we would not understand. Until Cathay built around the new HKG their female aircrew lived in hovels in Kowloon; many were sending money home what money they could to other countries to support family. This type of a job is highly prized and gives them a chance to meet and/or marry someone that can afford a ticket on the matter how much of a nerd or A'hole he might be. Unfortunately their window of success is only ten years; it is rare to see any FA over age 40 in Asia.

You are also totally accurate on your description of the male species on those flights.
tim mitchell 0
betta keep them away from BA and their "Hug a pilot"


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