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Two Eritrean Pilots Went Rogue and Stole Their President's Plane

On October 2, the pilots, who belong to an air force with only 350 personnel (down from 850 in 2002, according to the International Institute for Security Studies), flew the Hawker Beechcraft King Air 200 to Saudi Arabia, where they were met with an F-15 escort before landing outside Jizan. ( More...

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dg1941 1
Well, that's one way to leave. Now the question is, does Eritrea get their King Air back?
Roland Dent 2
Cannot see it...can you?
dg1941 1
I bet that the Saudis seize it. Wonder if they would convert it to a cloud seeder. They bought ten or eleven already.
Joseph Howes 0
its Eritrean property so the Saudis cant seize it just because it is in their terretory
dg1941 1
But a number of countries have done it before. Also, not many countries have much respect for Eritrea anymore with their human rights violations.


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