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Russian Pilots Involved in An-28 Plane Crash Were Drunk

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Foundation released an update about the blood-alcohol content of the bodies of the two Russian pilots who crashed an An-28 plane in the Kamchatka Territory last month, killing themselves and 10 of 14 people onboard. ( More...

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sparkie624 3
Sounds like they need to be more proactive on drug and Alchol testing. No reason in this.
Ric Wernicke 2
Where is the moral compass in people that would work at any common carier while liquored up? I think pilot training could use a few lessons from that view. Authorities should also ease penalties for those that admit they are drunk and refuse the stick, rather than make those penalties so harsh they attempt to sneak into the cockpit while plastered.

I would be a fan of no tolerence policies that terminated a pilot found taking or attempting to take command of an aircraft, but a softer treatment for pilots that self reported and sought help for the addition.

I am also infavor of trust but verify, and companies should be required to have at least some form of field sobriety check for every pilot assigned a flight that day.
Is something is wrong with those blood alcohol numbers or am I just confused. A BAC of 0.50 can cause unconsciousness and over that alcohol poisoning and even death are possible. A BAC of 0.08 will get you a DUI anywhere in the USA.
Toby Sharp 2
Ya i was thinking the same thing.....2.03% BAC? you would be cold and stiff
sparkie624 3
Maybe they measure it different than we do.... and maybe they were dead before the crash..
ToddBaldwin3 1
They do measure it differently in Europe, reporting alcohol concentration in terms of mg/mL rather than in a percent. That said, the reported values
ToddBaldwin3 1
opps, accidently hit enter.

That said, the reported values still do not make sense.
btweston 1
I'm pretty sure the decimal points need to be moved to the left. .092 and .203 make a lot more sense, though .203 is freakin' wasted.
Yeah! 0.203 is seriously wasted. Unfortunately I know from experience that 0.16 is pretty freakin' wasted.
geroldn 1
If you can walk, drive a car, fly a plane, etc. at 0.203 then you clearly have had some 'practice' drinking. This can't have been the first time for either pilot to fly drunk.
Roland Dent 1
WtfWtf 2
You are correct but they have the best flight attendants... have you seen Russian women? I swear they make Americans look like hogs. Just look at Moscow google street view and everywhere you turn is a hot skinny woman. Same thing with Montreal or anywhere where tbe majority population isn't an SUV driving fatty.
Roland Dent 1
Don't fly anything Russian ... Probably too much vodka .. and at 0.92 and 2.03 ... The passengers not notice or were they drunk too ?
dg1941 1
The problem with Russian aviation is, first off, the national and territorial governments share responsibility for aviation. Second, there is no way for the government to enforce rules for every single flight. That's why any flight on a Russian airline makes you wonder if it's not your last.
Roland Dent 3
There was atime when the biggest hazard on the Soviet civil fleet was cockroach infestation in the galleys...the fuses could not handle the sheer numbers and fires were common. Those days are gone.
they paid with their own lives, for their errors , but the bad thing is that they took lives with them...
shawn white 1
Isn't any better for the Russian plane companies. "Our planes aren't bad, it's just that our pilots are too drunk to fly them properly!"
chalet 1
Last year I paid a visit to the Museé de l´Air et de l´Espace at Le Bourget Airport which by the way has some very interesting aircraft although most outside the hangars are not well kept, sorry to say. Anyway after the visit I went inside to the cafeteria and got talking to some Ukranian and Russian corporate pilots flying Falcon 7X and 900 and all five 5 of them exhaling unmisticably alcohol. They went back to their aircraft and departed for Moscow and Kiev. I was astonished and asked the waiters about it and they said that virtually every flight crew from Eastern Europe countries and to lesser extent from Africa too come and go smelling. I thought that only those hardworking women sweeping the streets in Moscow drank vodka on the job. Shocking.


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