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Redlands approach to police aviation costs city virtually nothing

The Redlands Police Department's Cessna 172, called Redhawk 1, has been patrolling the city since 2007 - with a very tiny price tag, said Lt. Shawn Ryan, who leads the city's air support unit. The used 1967 Cessna cost the city's general fund nothing - it was purchased with drug asset forfeiture funds. And since then, its maintenance, gasoline, insurance have also come from drug asset forfeiture funds. ( More...

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In an era in this country where every Municipality, County, state and Federal official seems to need to by all the biggest and most expensive toys at substantial cost to the taxpayer...a round of applause. Our local volunteer fire department bought a new hook and ladder truck for close to 1/4 million with their selling point being it was ohh so necessary to have a ladder that reached 100 feet. The only thing that high within a 100 mile radius are farm silos...This is systemic to the nation.
We are all going broke due to this mentality..OPM.
tim mitchell 1
you never know when an injured bird is going to get caught at the top of one of those
Overkill is the new norm. 30 years ago it took 20+ min. To respond. Today it takes 20+ to respond. Nature of the beast as relates to volunteer FD's. doesn't matter if they got a 200' ladder and 500 hp engine. Instant just doesn't happen and never will.
preacher1 1
This your new handle J????????
I was checking how to switch photos and I clicked that function. Gonna replace my face with a plane.
preacher1 1
Go into your DISCUSSIONS and see if there is a test Email from me. Reply if there is.
sparkie624 3
Now that is how it should operate... Way to go Redlands.
...and that's the biggest barrier to legalization. The money flowing to all involved.
tim mitchell 2
great idea and use of forfeited funds....a whole lot simpler and cheaper than all those drones everyone wants and this actually has the potential of helping pilots rather law enforcement minded or commercial pilot minded gain valuable and affordable flight time.
sparkie624 2
Win Win Situation.... Unless you are the Drug Dealer :)
preacher1 1
They need to be thankful that they have access to that drug money. Lot's of cash strapped jurisdictions take the drug money into the general fund and would raise the roof giving it back and cause somebody to holler "we can't afford this". They are fortunate
linbb 1
And by putting into the general fund when there is less drug money that they have come to rely on here comes the cry we need to raise taxes.
Thank goodness for those drug pushers helping keep us safe. Lol
preacher1 1
Where you been? Haven't seen you on here in about a month?
Lots hit bottom at once. Just got back from Oregon with my new plane though. Back in the air again like you.
preacher1 1
Yeah, I been up there just doin' enough to stay current, mostly in the King Air. That CRJ should be done around 12/1. We figure a shakedown flight or 2 but doubt there'll be much serious going until after the 1st of the year.
joel wiley 1
RPD is giving new meaning to the old 60's slogan "where there's dope, there's hope".
Given the funding source tho', is it a conflict of interest for the Cessna to identify a pot farm?
Robb Hodges 1
Awesome Redlands PD. You have set an example for other municipalities to emulate!
Boatbbj 1
Och Tamale gazolly gazump, rah, rah, Redlands!
mark tufts 1
two thumbs up to the redlands P D :-)
jim garrity 1
For some reason, Mexico gets lucky and gets the King Airs and corp. jets? I've seen them at Ensanada parked with the Mexican Army armed and won't even let you get near them!
Just imagine how much money it would bring in if it where legalized and taxed.
egnilk66 0
Yeah, go stick bogus charges on people to take their stuff and buy cool toys with it. Asset forfeiture has become BIG BUSINESS in this country, all thanks to the "War on Drugs".

Totally lame.
egnilk66 1
egnilk66 2
Michigan Cops Used Asset Forfeiture Funds to Buy Drugs, Prostitutes, and a Tanning Salon -

Small Florida Town's Police Force Big Abusers of Civil Asset Forfeiture -

Feds Investigate Asset Forfeiture Slush Fund in Bal Harbour, Florida -

So on and so forth....


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