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Video - KFYV tower to remain open

Fayetteville AR City Council voted last night to appropriate funds to keep tower open. ( More...

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And the shell game continues. Like I said elsewhere some may change airports, especially if the local government jumps in with fees or tax. Then it might be bye bye tower or airport.
preacher1 1
The final windup on all them will be interesting. If any of the muni's cry foul to the FAA for a piece of that tax money, they will cry foul and claim infrastructure, etc.
canuck44 1
Cost shift from the FAA to the local government as was planned before the sequester...meanwhile the FAA has $250 Million to $350 Million more dollars than last year. By offloading the non-union towers they end up with $600 Million more than last year for their fluff projects.
preacher1 2
Problem is, the municipalities will take it on the chin this first go around, then they will figure out that they can add user fees to at least offset some of it. Sad part to that is that we are already taxed and fee'd to death and now, none of of that money will be going for it's intended purpose. Long Green One again!
Brian Bishop 1
Sounds a lot like that was the plan all along, shift cost away from the Fed to the locals even though the Fed gets all the tax revenue from existing fees and taxes. Just a backsided tax increase on us "rich" folk and greedy corporations with private planes. Funny though, I know guys that spend More on their bass boats than I do on my "bug smasher".
canuck44 2
Absolutely that was the the same thing happen in your healthcare. Right now Medicare only pays 72% of the actual cost of care meaning the half of the population without Medicare has to make up the difference...hence the high cost of care. When that plan craps out hospitals and doctors will be "bought out" by state and local government and the taxpayer gets screwed again.


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