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Inside Air India's Boeing 787: the ugliest Dreamliner seats yet?

Is Air India's Dreamliner the ugliest of them all? You be the judge! ( More...

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Josh Preston 6
How to make a beautiful new aircraft look old...
Toby Sharp 2
Wait till they add the curry smells!
I really like the business class, but I'm not sold on the economy seats. Of course, I think the reason I like the business class is because it reminds me of desert colours. That being said, the economy class seats might look better in real life, but I just think it looks like a knockoff of the Pacific Southwest interiors (not faulting PSA, since it was the 60's).
Micheal Berry 3
I think they are definitely the ugliest I have seen! You would think that getting a beautiful aircraft like that would inspire them to come up with a modern themes but instead they have used old 60's curtain material! No imagination in that airline at all!
bet cup 1
Hey, this isn't a bad colour scheme - well, if you are doing a really cheap renovation on a mid-1950's brothel, at the poorer end of town.
ken hamilton 0
Dont think seat colors are going to be the next thing that grounds the 787.


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