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Supersonic Travel: Would you like to get to Sydney, Australia in 4 hours?

Well, it's being worked by these companies in collaboration: Boeing, Gulfstream and NASA and it's being nicknamed the Son of Concorde". If it comes to pass, all you'll probably need to do to fly it is mortgage your home. But it's sure an exciting idea. ( More...

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bbabis 1
We went to the moon 7 years from the word GO. Now it will take at least 7 years to get back to what we had in 1969? Brilliant!
bbabis 1
What I'm saying is that with less computing power than is in your smartphone we went to the moon and built the SST and Concorde in 1969. The X-15 was an atmospheric skipper in 1959. The SR-71 flew shortly after that! Now, with a super computer in every design facility, we can't build squat much less get back to where we were! What has changed? Our desire to lead; Government regulations; or just national laziness and the desire to be victims? The Xbox 10 will be great except China will be telling us what we can and can't do with it.
CaptainFreedom 1
Not if it costs me $15K lol. The market for this service will be tiny and well-heeled.
AWAAlum 1
My kinda folk - hehehe.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Dear friend Jonathan Fischbach, I beg to differ with you about the size of market plea.
Please recall the two specific stages of travel periods.
When sea travel changed to air travel (through slow and hopping flights).
Second when hopping and slow flights were 'replaced' by faster non stop flights.
The change in time is changing the pace of trade commerce and hence the life in general.
Travel style is and will have to change accordingly.
I repeat Concorde failed , NOT because of lack of need or popularity , BUT because of many technical shortcomings. Mainly due the sonic boom which in turn restricted the routes substantially and hence it became commercially unviable. Amongst many other reasons.
MHCO(my half cent opinion)
AWAAlum 1
I don't believe it's Jonathan's opinion it isn't something to move towards. All he's saying, and I agree, is that it wouldn't be something the mainstream population can use to commute around the globe to various meetings and / or family vacations. It's something a very very small demographic would enjoy. I think that's probably the case. It's a dream for some which may become a reality at some point. Evolution's an exciting phenomenon.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
ThanX dear friend Donna Peterson, I will NOT say that you did not understand my view.
I know what I write , and I still hold it.
This is what ALWAYS happens to innovations.
sea travel to air travel. Why it was accepted ?
Communication became faster and gradually work time was at a premium around the same time.
And sea travel had to take a back seat.
And so on .
AWAAlum 1
I think we're saying the same thing - simply using different words.
Ric Wernicke 1
I think this "project" is just to keep the engineer's pencil sharp. It makes little sense now for super sonic transport. Its been done, everyone has a luggage tag that flew it, and T-shirts have been passed out at the retirement. The real way to cover extreme distance is with sub-orbital flight. 30 minutes to anywhere is more productive than cruising away more hours.

My first flight was from LA to Hong Kong. Fare was 504. (RT/Child) We left before lunch on Monday. We arrived at 9 in the morning, on THURSDAY! B377 was considered fast by Grandpa.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Dear friend Ric Wernicke, and others critical of this project ,
Please bear in mind how we progressed from hopping slow flight of the 50's faster non stop flights !
So what next ?
Concorde failed ! Why ?
Should we make corrections or not ? As part of progress and/or to bolster our ego to reaffirm that we can improve.
AWAAlum 1
Sir Branson and Virgin Galactic at working on just such a project. I'm skeptical the flying public is ready, in general, for weightlessness on their way to a conference a continent away. But perhaps that's just my age showing.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Dear friend Donna Peterson, you may have your own set of rational reasons, but try to see it from another angle.
As an experiment. As an effort to march on.
Did every balloon fly ? Or every machine heavier than air in the 19th Century ?
There is an anecdote I have heard about flying and Wright Brothers.
Their father was a clergyman. He used to profess that flying is for Angels, not for humans. Right or wrong history, not very important in context of my approach to this concept of progress and experimentation.
How did we start space travel. With a dog in the near by space ! And how far have progressed by now ?
We certainly must push on. We should keep (day)dreaming or else we shall cease to be human beings, cease to be alive, cease to be living creatures.
About daydreaming, I firmly believe that development of science owes a lot to writers of science fiction ! Before laughing at it, please think again, seriously.
Pardon my language and style !
AWAAlum 1
I didn't mean to imply sub-orbital flight shouldn't be on the drawing board. I'm only saying I'm not optimistic the flying public is ready. Simply that.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
ThanX my friend Donna Peterson. Let the innovation become visible, take shape.
Let people sink into the idea of seeing it around.
Popularity and/or acceptance will follow as a natural consequence !
Like it has ALWAYS happened in the past for a new concept.
That's the beauty of being humans.
Doug Herman 1
We've gotten where we are today in aviation, in computing, medicine, communications, by always pushing the envelope and working toward the next "big thing." Yes, we've been supersonic for decades, but we can't compare the scale of a commercial airliner to the X-15 or the Blackbird. And, if "Son of Concorde" comes to pass, it'll fly circles around the original. So we're not really doing a reprise of something we've already done. This is new. The question really is whether it'll be commercially viable.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
2500 mph ! So far so good .
But how about Mach 6(~4000 mph) being planned, living in Singapore attending office in New York , 3 hrs one way travel ?
And so on.

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AWAAlum 1
I'll write you a note.


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