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United drops $1.08B Airbus Order

United drops $1.08 Billion worth of Airbus orders. ( More...

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Brian Bishop 4
Probably more Blance Sheet driven than anything given the age of the orders.
Ben Deneweth 3
These orders have been deferred for more than 10 years. Nothing to see here.
sparkie624 2
Not sure why they would have ordered those in the first place...
This doesn't appear to affect the A350 orders UAL has.

Though this does appear to follow through with COA's order for the B737s, while dropping the UAL order for the A319/A320s.
PhotoFinish 2
I would think that they wouldn't ever give up delivery slots of either the 787 or the A350. In a short period, there will be a profitability chasm that separates those airlines that fly the new planes in quantity from those that don't.
As a constant domestic United traveler, all I can hope for now is anything other than the dreaded 37,700,800,&900 / the seats in front are just horrible and the loading takes a lifetime. The 320's & 19's are more comfortable without a doubt. I cannot say this about the much loved 57's but today the irony is I am more comfortable and actually will chose a Embraer 175 over any domestic United aircraft. Quiet, best seat in front or back and they load quickly and recover faster when delays occur. It's bass ackwards but true!
sparkie624 1
Good to hear, glad they are going Boeing!
The above article is 2 years OLD :) !!
sparkie624 1
UGH... I should have picked up on that... My bust!
Pileits 1
Wise choice dumping AB rather than Boeing
sparkie624 0
Agreed and Amen.
spatr 0
I dont think Airbus is going to shed a tear. On Dec 2nd they announced a single order for 100 319/20/21's. So I don't think UAL's 12 airplane order that has been on the books since 2001 would even register.
sparkie624 4
Wonder who the suckers were that put in an order for 100 of those buses!
Gary Bennett 0
Oh I think anything that has the billon $ amount would cause a stir...
spatr 1
Not when it's dead weight on the order book. Now the delivery slots might go to an airline who will use them.
Gary Bennett -1
Yep! Makes me smile every time EB gets the shaft...
Was it perhaps a 'Continental' order that is now surplus to purpose?
PhotoFinish 1
No. It was a left-over United order. Continetal was flying an all-Boeing fleet.

Notice how the Continetal management that took over United pit through a huge order for Boeing narrowbodies and ended some long-deferred Airbus narrowbody orders.

Also, notice how many airlines are not ordering the smaller narrowbodies.

I wonder how much is a hedge to see how the new Canadian jet does in real life conditions. It's much cheaper. Plus, they claim better operational economics, quieter engines, and shorter runway capabilities. If the reality comes anywhere near as close as the promise, airlines may not want to be stuck with new planes that are nowhere near as competitive.

Then again, with fuel prices high and potential to go higher, it is more efficient to fly the slightly larger planes in each respective narrowbody plane family.
Interesting! United having an Airbus order over Boeing? I do not have the time nor patience to delve into the financial reports of defunct airlines to dig this out save to say that it is a risk to place an order for aircraft to be delivered up to a decade later given order backlogs at airframe builders. Hedging is for oil traders and copper miners etc. is is best for those in the gambling business at a small town in the US Southwest in a desert somewhere!

AS I see it tonight, Airbus can free up a production schedule to speed up delivery to the better customers that remain on board whilst allowing the lines to fit in the newer A320Neo with the consequent shorter delivery times to sell to new customers.

There is a reluctance of the US to commision outwith the United States if there is a local alternative and this is understandable but is it always the wiser decision to take in the longer term? Get a B737 for $100 or get a near identical A320 for $80 and built in the US?
PhotoFinish 1
They already have over 150 A319/A320 planes.

Plus last year they ordered a whole bunch of 737s. The 737s they've been getting are mostly the larger and/or longer range ones.

They probably just goby need any more of the smaller planes. They could've converted these orders to the A321 or A321T. But that would just be duplicating what they're alread getting from the 737 order.

Doesn't make sense to only a small number of a particular aircraft, when you're already standardizing on another manufacturer's aircraft at that size. For aircraft scheduling and crew scheduling you want to have lots of the same plane in use, rather than using different planes for the same need.

Had they standardized on the A320 family, these orders would've been converted to whatever airplane(s) they needed.

But if their current A319/A320 subfleet is sufficient for their needs, they don't need any more. They have more than 50 A319s and nearly 100 A320s. If anything, with the current cost of fuel, there may be pressure to get rid of dome of those smaller planes. Their ore seat costs are much higher than the bigger planes, and much higher than the MAX and neos that will be coming soon.
PhotoFinish 1
* probably DON'T need any more of the smaller planes. And with the higher PER SEAT costs, they may feel pressure to get rid of them, sooner rather than later.
Joel Matos 0
airbus sucks that little joystick on the side makes me sick its like playing a video game. i know theres some planes that has them even fighter jets. but for commercial aircraft i think they are i stick with boeing and emb...LOL
...Just shakin the ol noggin....tsk tsk UNITED!!


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