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The Funniest Craigslist Ad I've Ever Seen...

American is desperate to find an airline to fly 60 EMB-175's... ( More...

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riddfly 14
I don't find it funny when the salary of a F.O is like $1,500 a month before taxes are deducted.
preacher1 4
My God man, that is 348.83 per week, or 8.55 per hour on a 45 hour week. Hell, the local chicken plant pays better than that and pays a premium for shift work + time and a half over 8, and you don't need a $1000,000 education and 1500 working hours to get on there. A man has to have a real yearnin' to fly to take something like that. Unfortunately, many will and there will probably be a bloodbath on younger ones fighting for more money before the increase ever comes.
preacher1 10
It' written in satire but it is so truthful it ain't funny.
saso792 6
Don't know who posted this on Craigslist, but I love it. Maybe Pedro and Doug could swallow their pride and use the great bunch of pilots outside their doors. Just slap me now, they could/would never do that...... (PS. No, I don't work for Eagle.)
sparkie624 7
Someone had a sense of humor... Bold and Cold, but humor none the less... Covered everything.... Even Pinnacle... At least the planes are shinny... No mechanics but they will be shiney...
Well, a bit funny, BUT PILOTS SHOULD MAKE AT. LEAST $30,000.00 A YEAR. Then to be treated nice by who they fly for.
All the hours you folks take to get CPL
Tim Duggan 2
This is some very clever satire...cutting to the bone, typical pilot humor satire.

I see no one noticed the name at the bottom? Pedro Fabregas. I Googled him:
"Pedro Fábregas is an officer at American Airlines Group, the parent company of American Airlines, US Airways and American Eagle Airlines."

And the clue in the CL ad...the word spelled "mAAnagement". Brilliantly done!
rdzr1 2
Not going to turn out well for either side.
preacher1 4
No, it's all gonna get real ugly, and not just Envoy/Eagle
I, as an AA very frequent flyer, am extremely grateful for the service provided to me by outstanding men and women pilots over the years. I don't think it is correct nor fair to have pilots paid such low wages/salaries. Airlines should put pressure on Government to reduce or remove all those costly and inefficient restrictions and regulations on airlines and airports in the US to allow airlines pay better and higher salaries to those highly trained and professional pilots that make the airline, in this case AA, fly.

My hat is off for all those great AA pilots! I hope this situation improves for all of you in the very near future!
preacher1 1
Word on the street is that Republic will take them all, that this was pretty much a well thought out deal and fore ordained. It also coincides with Republic signing the teamsters contract Friday after 6 years, which will give increases and put them above everybody money wise.
tim mitchell 1
Oh I hope this ad wasn't submitted by one of their pilots; probably ex-pilot whenever they trace it back....Funny though.
preacher1 1
Well, as Hillary said,"WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE". They are all gonna be EX before long anyway.
Frank Barchi -1
You can thank the union busting Republican hero Ronny Regan and so called right-to-work laws for the low wages in most industries.I'm sure the CEO paid himself a multimillion dollar bonus for keeping the labor costs in line.
sparkie624 1
I owuld not give the Ronny Regan all the credit, there are a lot of people who do not care for the unions... I used to like them and found out when I left the union, I made more money and had a better work environment... Check out the latest from CNN for UAW trying to move in on VW... The Employees made the choice...
Tom McIntosh 4
Pardner, I have been a Union member for over forty years; six in the grocery union (predecessor of UFCW) and Teamster for thirty-eight. While even the members have some misgivings with some aspects of unionism, consider this: If not for the Union movement, there would be no such thing as paid vacations, company-paid health insurance, weekends, forty hour work week, pension, and lots of other benefits. It is true that the employees made the choice at Volkswagen; I don't think that they will be glad for the choice they made before long. The deep South is the harbinger of anti-union sentiment, and it shows. Their wages are lower, their standard of living is lower, and their education level is lower than states where unionism is more prevalent. Check it out for yourself.
preacher1 -1
Well, you can believe as you wish and I will even agree with part of what you said, as in times past there was a need. At that time also, most of the manufacturing was up in what is now know as the rust belt, and we were kinda sucking the hind teat down here, BUT, I respectfully disagree with the standard of living and education level. I would also add that cost of living is not near as escalated down here as it is up there. Check that out.
Tom McIntosh 2
Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I believe that the need for unions is greater now than anytime in the past 50 years. The disparity between executive compensation and "worker bee" compensation is ridiculous. I am heavily in favor of one of the tenets of Volkswagen's corporate practice, which mirrors labor/management practices in Europe; that is the work council. These programs foster cooperation and collaberation between the shop floor and the executive offices. It's a win/win proposition. That is markedly absent in this country, and that's a shame I think. However, I'll stand my ground on the education and standard-of-living question. Do your demographic research, and I think that you'll find I'm correct. Have a great day!
preacher1 0
Well, my friend, facts and figures may back you up as they undoubtedly include Appalachia and that totally impoverished area and I can't attest to that other than it is that way and for a lot of reasons, thanks to our federal government holding back development to develop QUIET ZONES for cell and Internet so as not to interfere with satellite reception for their ET and spook satellite dishes. That said and those areas out of the loop, I'll still disagree. That said, I don't think a union is going to have that much effect on management/worker salary, as disparaging as it may be, just simply for the fact that mgt. is in it to get all they can get and make a profit for the board and most times, that requires choking down labor costs, as it is generally one of the biggest expenses. Anything that fosters harmony between labor and mgt., whether it is a union or a work council, is a good thing. It is a shame that our labor laws in this country will prevent that from happening. There is a least one legacy carrier in this country though, that has both ALPA representation and they also make a contract proposal for an individual to negotiate thru and sign.
Tom McIntosh 1
You are correct that I (and the statisticians) group much of Appalachia into the South. I have to move off of this forum and onto other things, so as you Southerners say "Y'all take care now, hear??"
allench1 1
careful tom us southern boys have a long memory and know how to hunt!!!!:)
preacher1 1
Get him Allen! LOL
sparkie624 1
Yup.. and in time of trouble, I would rather have a Gun Toten Red Neck back me up before any Tree Hugging Liberal.
How did that VW thing work out for the UAW? ;-)
RECOR10 -2
Oh, here you go with facts. Come on now, think about peoples feelings. And, if I want to be jealous of those at the top of the ladder I will. >sniff< >sniff< >sob<....>stamps feet on the way out<


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