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Footage From Inside Hijacked Ethiopian Airlines 767 Released (Video)

Footage from inside the hijacked Ethiopian Airlines 767 before evacuation on the tarmac in Geneva. "After about an hour of flight time, I left the cockpit for two seconds to go to the toilet. In that instant, the co-pilot, who was obviously alone, took control of the aeroplane and did not allow me to re-enter the cockpit, " the pilot said. ( More...

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Tim Duggan 2
Well, to address your video description: It wasn't really an "evacuation" event for the passengers. The Flight Deck Escape Ropes are an evacuation means, and one was used by the FO.

(Not surprising, since he would have been mobbed/lynched if he had entered the cabin!!)

There is a similar thread about this incident, but this is (I believe) the first post of this amateur video from onboard.

What's interesting to add (don't know if it was mentioned in the other thread) is that for U.S. registered airlines, when one pilot must leave the cockpit for any reason, then the other pilot is not left alone...usually a Flight Attendant is asked to remain inside. The reason is simple -- the FA can look through the peephole to visually verify the identity of the returning pilot, before allowing him/her back in.

I don't know if this is an ICAO rule...if so, then the Captain of this flight will possibly be found at fault for not following this protocol.


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