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AI sacks 10 air hostesses for being late

New Delhi: In the first action of its kind, Air India last week sacked about 10 air hostesses who had reported late for work, delaying flights. AI decided to crack the whip after an unusual rise in instances of cabin crew sauntering in when they want, keeping passengers waiting for hours. ( More...

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Maybe they can get a job with the US government. Then you never have to worry about being fired. Lol
ToddBaldwin3 1
No, we just worry about furloughs, sequestration, insufficient resources to do our job, and imagine having to depend on Congress for your paycheck.
Depending on your view point, to my mind this may well be the ripple effect of FAA down grade.
Definitely a positive effect .
preacher1 1
Let us hope that their political clout cannot reach this far. I don't know if this is a result of the downgrade or not but the downgrade has definitely focused attention on the Airline and as they said, they are fixing to join STAR ALLIANCE so they are going to have to start shaping up. Political clout to get a job is one thing. Keeping it should be on the individual.
Speaking in general, there is an air of change in the system, what some call a change in the grammar of politics and governance.
Soon we will have general elections which are sure to exhibit to world what the rules of democracy ought to be !
Some changes are already being noticed all over our nations.
Ric Wernicke 1
Maybe they were late because they were chasing cars and barking at the moon.


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