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Aussie woman claims was cockpit guest of MH370 co-pilot

This will add to the speculation. Appears to be a valid report; there is a video of an interview with one of the women on Australian TV. ( More...

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Read this and there are photos taken while airborne to corroborate it. Not good.
Here is the link to the TV interview.
ADXbear 1
Bad news for this crew... If we are reading this story here, what other information is already known about these crew and their desire top break solid in place rules about unauthorized people on the flight deck.. pretty ladies could just as easily have a ill intentions...
WtfWtf 0
So what knee jerk rule are they gonna come up with now? Pilots aren't allowed to take a piss ?
Arun Nair -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Missing Malaysian Air Co-Pilot allowed people in cockpit previously

I am not saying this is in anyway related to the current incident, but allowing two pretty Australian girls to ride in the cockpit for the full flight is not going to help his case!


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