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AF: Crew Died When Tanker Did 'Dutch Roll'

Air Force released its findings on the May 3, 2013 crash in Kyrgyzstan. As a result of the crash, KC-135R crews will get more training on how to handle Dutch roll. The procedural guidance in the flight manual on how to handle a Dutch roll, he said, is "cumbersome and disjointed." The manuals are being revised. ( More...

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Wondered what happened here. Thanks for the article.
linbb 2
Had thought it was a thing of the past as it was a problem during the early era not of today.
Pileits 1
I found back in the day it was difficult struggling with Dutch Roll training in the 727. Even though we trained for it in simulators I sometimes wonder what it might be like in the real airplane, not a pleasant thought.


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