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Arrests in bag theft case at Los Angeles airport

Those arrested were primarily employees or ex-employees of contracting companies hired to handle luggage . . . doesn't give you a good feeling about airport security. ( More...

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PhotoFinish 1
Not sure why some are voting down a report about the scum that steal from passenger baggage.

Even if airline-affiliated individuals vote down an important disclosure about criminal prosecution of evil acts that violate the trust of the passengers that pay the fares that keep airlines flying and employees working.

It isn't ok to steal from passenger bags.
David Lepard 1
This was right on time Great job LAPD and LAX police. I recently flew through Termanial 4 and the commuter Terminal at LAX, I was appalled at the lack of professionalism by the ground crew. The jacking and Jawing of the folks I saw was unsat. My first idea was to video or take pictures of specific employees who looked like they were wearing what you might see on a Saturday night street gang or what I ve seen on TV that convicts wear. American and Sky West put some leadership on your employees, like uniforms, grooming standards and a presentation of a professional company would like to been seen in the publics eye. I'm standing by to be a secret employee to help square these clowns away... You would never see this at a airport in Japan..... Let alone all the FOD that's on the ramp at LAX..... I guess bottom line I wonder just how many of the actors I saw on my recent trip were carted away in cuff's... Understand some I saw may actually be sub-contractors and if so I saw a few I would not want touching my airplane...... VR/Gunner


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