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Air New Zealand readies last Boeing 747 for retirement

It's no accident that Air New Zealand will put the last of its Boeing 747-400 jets out to pasture in the same week that sees the start of international flights for its new Boeing 787-9. ( More...

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Colin Seftel 3
Can they really replace a 747-400 (416 PAX) with a 787-9 (280 PAX)?
Andy Tyler 2
no they are replacing the 744s with 777s. the 787s will be used to replace the 777s used for relative short haul routes, freeing them up for long haul ops
John Atherton 1
Mr. Reeves has a somewhat tactless way of saying thank you to the 747 and 767 fleet that I'm sure served them well across the years. It wasn't for nothing that the 747 was described as the Queen of the skies...
Looking for 788 service HNL to AKL by Feb 2015 (replacing B763). Otherwise I am using HA with Premium Economy seats!
ace005 1
They don't have any -8 on order, only -9.
Chris B 1
First flew in a 747 31 years ago. They are still fantastic aircraft.


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