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AAL Miami-Paris Flight Diverted After Fight over Legroom

The reclining-seat battles are heating up. Here's one involving United ( More...

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The leg room issue for PAX with long legs is going to become huge issue. Recently flew on connecting SWA flights where the first leg was on a aircraft that had been recently upgraded(?)and the second leg was on an aircraft with an older seating configuration. I could not believe how much more comfortable the older seating arrangement was.

Airlines should be perhaps required to report the leg on aircraft at the time of booking as for some PAX this could effect their flight selection.
Ray, could there be something wrong with the link you provided? It simply leads me to the old story about the fight on United involving a knee-saver gadget.
canuck44 1
Here is a good link to same story:

Boston and lawyers. Pilot needed to hang on a bit as Gander has a great jail, no sleazy lawyers and a very expensive list of flights out...and with luck he might even find a few signs in French although I doubt the Newfoundlanders would give a rats ass.
And in Gander he would have to kiss the tail of a codfish, down a shooter of screech and learn how to sing "I's the b'y that builds the boat..."
canuck44 2
LOL...the Screech now bottled bears little resemblance to the original...rum from broken casks mixed with bilge water in the smugglers boat, but the Screech-in Ceremony for CFA's (Come From Away) has changed little over the years.
And it better doesn't change, too much fun! :)


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