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FlightAware Releases Major Enhancements to Global Flight Tracking for Business Aviation

FlightAware is announcing major developments to global flight tracking at NBAA 2014, including the launch of FlightAware’s worldwide ADS-B network, additional foreign and worldwide data sources, and the ability to track flights without available flight plans, in the US and abroad. ( More...

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southwest125 1
Does this mean position only VFR flights will not be available to registered users with free accounts?
Daniel Baker 2
Not yet. FlightAware Global customers can have it enabled for specific aircraft only at this point. In the future, this will be expanded to include more users and aircraft.

The reason is not an intentional restriction, but rather, the technology isn't ready for broad use, so we only enable it for specific planes that need it (e.g., helicopters).
southwest125 1
Thank you for the insight and update!


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