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Boy Scout Troop Saves Crashed Pilot's Christmas

The pilot of a downed Mooney M20 was lucky his bad day was met by a troop of scouts who lived up to their motto to always be prepared. Shortly after takeoff engine trouble required the pilot to ditch in the nearby Congaree River near Columbia, S.C. ( More...

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Bill Babis 9
Nice job Troop 597! A Christmas to remember for all involved.
linbb 5
Great story as it shows how prepared scouts are to do things. The pilot probably would have been in very bad shape at the best before anyone found him.
sparkie624 3
Way to go Boy Scouts... That certainly deserves a merit badge or 2... Keep up the good work.
Wayne Fox 2
Good job and very happy holiday for sure.
Those Scouts definitely deserve kudos!
Shaun S 1
Way to go guys! Nice job!!


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