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Air India Held A Job Fair And No One Showed Up

Air India hosted a job fair earlier this week in hopes of filling at least some of the 197 vacant pilot spots for its Airbus fleet, alone. Not a single applicant showed up. Not. One. Air India's shortage of cabin crew is well known. The problem is so severe that it's faced frequent flight delays and cancellations, and even been forced to hire retired crews on short-term contracts. ( More...

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preacher1 8
One thing that was not mentioned in this whole thing was the fact that thee was an actual pay problem, as far as delayed paychecks. This may have been tolerable for those already in the saddle but no need to knowingly walk into it.
canuck44 5
Seems a little strange that pilots that have been flying the CRJ cannot convert to ATR's. Undoubtedly they would have flown propeller aircraft as they trained and likely multi-engine. Maybe that is where the mismanagement part originates.
bentwing60 1
Most guys would rather not go backwards in their careers and jets back to props is that perception. The issue is not can they, but will they?
That's " Incredible India " , a very popular used by Indian Tourism Department .
bummer not good
Ric Wernicke 1
In Hyderabad there are already many jobs that pay well by local standards in the tech sector. It would be hard for an intelligent person to take up aviation and work for peanuts when double the pay is available with excellent security.

I am curious to know where there is a five star hotel in Hyderabad, anyhow.
There are so many 5 Star hotels in Hyderabad -
It was the only hotel in Hyderabad with 5 stars visible in the night sky.
Sorry but I wouldn't live in India to take any job!
I guess that's the same as I wouldn't live in the US of A! Even if I didn't need to work for a living!
The politicians have taken it to the cleaners. No one wants to work with or fly Air India.
sriyut shukla 1
not a new thing
who wants to fly an airbus
preacher1 1
Well, if that ain't bad enough, how about somebody that might or might not pay you on time but could fire you if you were a minute latte for a call.
Jesse Carroll 1
Now that is funny spark....however after spend some 2 hours on my cell phone recently, I have to agree with you! Thought I was talking to Larry at Bank of America....imagine that!
sparkie624 -5
Not surprising... LOL... They were all answering Tech Support calls and running convenience stores ")
Jesse Carroll -6
I wouldn't want to flay an Airbus ethier!....LOL


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